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save business cardsEven with all the high tech out there the old-fashioned business card still reigns supreme! So how can you get more mileage out of the time-honored tradition of exchanging cards with a new business contact?

When you meet a commercial contact or prospective client ask, “Do you have a business card?” Look at it and then say (if not obvious)…

“What’s your main service so I know what to file your card under? I like to refer solid companies to my customers.”

Then turn their card over, write their response on the back and carefully (and obviously)  place it in your business card folder. This is a great Moment of Truth that shouts out silently- “I care enough about you that I am going to file away your business card”. Plus …

When they see you storing their card away in your business card case the Law of Reciprocity means they’ll ask for (and file away!) one of your cards! If not, just say, “Here, let me give you one of my cards.”

NOTE: This procedure works great while building relationships with your Hub Marketing referral sources.

(Click HERE for a 16 point checklist on improving your business card!)


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