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Strategies for Success Seminar- April, 2014 (Jon-Don Dallas, TX)

SFS Dallas 4/2014

Strategies for Success Dallas (April, 2014)

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Steve Toburen is over the top! SFS is hard to put in words. It felt like I was drinking from a “fire hose of helpful information!” SFS is “overwhelming” in the best possible way.

Ed Doss
Dallas Carpet Repair
Allen, TX

This is a fantastic course. I earned my tuition back on the first day! I think SFS is critical to the success of any business. It was exactly what I was looking for. However, selfishly I would not recommend SFS to my competition!

Len Lorenz
Oxy Scrub Carpet Cleaning
East Aurora, NY

I’ve always had a dream and what I used to call a “plan.” After SFS I now have a completely clear and concise strategy on how to make it happen. But even more importantly I can now manage my plan responsibly.

Spencer Suggs
Rugs by Suggs
Dallas, TX

SFS was immensely valuable and will change the way I manage. This class changed me as a manager. As Steve told us, “The fish rots from the head down!”

Ashley Haygood
Classic Commercial Services
Alpharetta, GA

SFS benefits both a start-up and an established business. A start-up operation can hit the ground running by doing things the right way. The established company can start changing bad habits. I recommend SFS!

Tom Lackey
Vice President for Residential Services
Blackmon Mooring
Fort Worth, TX

Awesome! The SFS marketing information has been mind blowing! It was a humbling but very positive experience.

Charles Payne
Integrity Floor Care of Texas
Burleson, TX

Chuck Violand is a true professional and lived up to everything I have ever heard about him. And Bill Yeadon was very impressive with his well-rounded knowledge and ability to stay on top of constantly marketing information.

Mitch Byron
Vice President Specialized Education
Nextgear Solutions DASH
Oxford, MS

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