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How to convince impatient callers to leave a message

convince-your-customers-to-leave-a-messageI recently suggested you actually listen to your voice mail through the ears of your customer. Uncomfortable listening? If so, GREAT! Because hopefully your pain motivated you to re-do your voice mail message using these six points! However…

Even with a great voice mail message many callers (especially first time customers) will hang up and simply call the next company on Google! (Can you blame them? You do too!) And you LOSE all the marketing money you invested to make your phone ring! But it gets uglier…

When the caller doesn’t leave a message you also lose a) the job amount and b) the downstream income you would have made by creating a loyal client! Even worse, you lose forever the chance to make a Cheerleader out of this potential customer who hung up on your message!

Remember that cleaning and restoration are “Emotionally Driven Events” which means your impatient callers don’t want to wait for a return call. So in your phone message you must “sweeten the pot”! Here is how to do it…

“Bribe” your caller by offering a small job discount if they will leave a message.

This small “Symbolic Atonement” doesn’t have to be a huge discount. I suggest $15.00 or so. This small gesture recognizes your customer’s inconvenience and rewards them for their extra effort. It is very effective. After stating your name and company information simply say…

“I realize leaving a message is a hassle. But IF you will do me the honor of leaving a message I’ll give you an automatic $15.00 discount off your bill! And of course I will also do a superb job for you! So please put 15 bucks in your pocket by leaving me your contact information now…”

Restoration/Commercial HINT: Your Facility Managers and adjusters don’t really want to TALK with you. Instead, they crave a simple, secure way to TRANSMIT information and photos. So set up each of your regular contacts up with a separate password-protected Shared Folder. HERE is how to keep your restoration and commercial clients forever!


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