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Don’t just “shoot ’em a price”! Provide a commercial proposal

I had a love-hate relationship with the good, old “We’re taking bids…” Yep! I wanted the commercial job but when I heard the word “bid” it meant they were getting prices from my cut-throat competition!

But wait! Let’s ban forever the phrase “commercial job”. (As in “one time”!) Instead, always…

Focus on converting any “bid” into a regular commercial account!

Here’s how to do it…

1. Interview your prospect. During your walk-through use our SFS Commercial Carpet Analysis (CCA) form on a clip board. (Download it for free HERE.) Subtly drop phrases such as “cleaning zones” and “maintenance programs” into the conversation.

2. Calculate your “break-even” price cleaning all the carpets. Remember? TSQ ÷ PPH x GPH= Your minimum price! (CLICK HERE to learn how to use this formula.) Be sure to include the extra time to restore this trashed carpet.

3. Add in for a nice, cushy profit on a one time job!  Looks high? Don’t fret.

commercial proposal4. Use your CCA form information. Analyze which areas need more frequent cleaning. (Entries, high traffic hallways, break areas.) Determine the best cleaning frequency (monthly, bi-monthly?) and your production time required per visit. Highlight these areas on a copy of their fire egress map.

5. Now look for lower use areas. Follow the same method from above. Use a different color highlighter on the same drawing. (Clean the entire building at least once per year.)

6. Here is your secret sauce! Add up ALL your production time for ALL the proposed cleanings for the next 12 months and then multiply the total hours times how much you need (want) to gross per hour! This total yearly gross will be a huge amount but fear not because you will now…

7. Divide and conquer! Simply divide your yearly amount by 12 months! When your prospect sees this low “Open Access” per month commercial proposal they may say, “I like your regular maintenance option”!

NOTE: Follow this process even if they initially say “We just need a bid on a one time cleaning”. After all, your contact may not even KNOW you offer a regular maintenance program! You should offer multiple service levels including your (much) higher one-time “resurrection cleaning”.

Instead of waiting for the phone to ring “git yerself out there” with my Dedicated Sales Morning commitment. Amd make your Service Agreements “easy to sign”!


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