SFS: ‘Winning over
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In just three intense hours (11am-2pm EST) …

‘Lead Conversion’ expert Steve Toburen will supercharge your phone closing techniques! Even better, you (and your staff) will learn 100’s of ‘Lead Conversion’ tips to close the sale on ANY medium including texts, Facebook, email, Yelp, website chat, Whatsapp, etc!

  • WHO should attend? Residential service business owners, managers, and any employee that answers customer’s “How much?” questions.
  • WHY do I need this? Your ‘Lead Conversion Strategies’ are essential! And yet too often ignored! (Right now you and your staff are likely peeing away way far too many leads that can be easily ‘converted’!)💲💲💲 This 3-hour, online class will quickly add huge downstream profits to your company!
  • HOW MUCH? $149.00 (You’ll more than pay for your entire seminar when you book your next “I’m just checking prices…” lead!)

This course has been approved for (3) IICRC CECs.

Are you sick and tired of agonizing phone calls like these?

1. Your lead asks: “Hi, I’m just checking around to see how much you charge for…?” 

You reply: “Uhhhh….”😟 WOW! Fail to ‘convert’ this potential client and you’ll lose $1,000.00’s in ‘downstream profits’! Or…

2. You quote a price and your prospect says, “Hmmm… let me check with my husband and I’ll get back to you.” 

Meekly respond: “OK” and you’ll NEVER hear from them again!😥 What can you say to save this job? Or…

3. You hear: “Wow… I see ads where I can get my whole house done for $99.00 and you want HOW MUCH?” 

You answer: (GULP!) “Maybe we ARE too expensive…”😲 How can  you ‘defend’ your pricing AND convert this prospect into a ‘High Profit Client’?

In his 3-hour SFS: Winning over your caller! seminar Steve will share guaranteed solutions to the profit-crushing issues above and so much more including…

  • NEW! Five essential SFS: ‘Lead Conversion’ Core Principles for any residential service contractor! 
  • Why you don’t need to (and probably shouldn’t) answer your business phone 24-7!🛑 
  • NEW! How to get your caller to A) not hang up and B) leave a voice mail- guaranteed! 
  • Why you must give your caller the “Illusion of Control’
  • NEW! 18 phone tips to quickly build a bond with your caller. 
  • Why (and how) to immediately ‘Take Ownership’ during your ‘Lead Conversion Process’
  • Four different ‘Phone Formats’ to conquer forever the dreaded “How much do you charge?” question.👍👍 (Including a new Phone Format just for emergency services contractors.)👌
  • NEW! How (and why) to hire an employee to economically close sales with phone callers. (Yes, even for owner-operators!) 
  • Nine reasons why you should ‘pre-inspect’ 15% of your jobs- and how to identify this ‘high profit 15%’ on the initial phone call! 
  • NEW! A COVID-inspired script for a ‘Contact Free’ over-the-phone video pre-inspection option’.💲💲 NOTE: This ‘Hybrid Pre-inspection Format’ gives you all the benefits of an on-site visit… right from your own office! (No more time stuck in traffic!) 
  • How to solve forever the “Lemme check with my husband and I’ll get back to you…” hidden ‘Smokescreen’ price objection! 
  • NEW! How to avoid getting bushwhacked by 1-star reviews with Immediate Quality Check Calls
  • Steve’s 5-step script to still make ‘high profits’ from a “Can’t you do it for less?” customer. 
  • NEW! Taking the Battle to the Enemy! How to ‘Proactively Reach Out’ to customers.
  • Why (and how to) dig for homeowner’s complaints. (Hint: Before they can spew their venom on the internet!)
  • NEW! How to use phone calls and texts to ‘kick start’ your business during slow periods.
  • Why forcing your in-home techs do in-home ‘up-selling’ doesn’t work! (And often ticks off homeowners!)
  • NEW! How to make HUGE profits by your office gently offering ‘Additional Service Options’ BEFORE your tech shows up!
  • A simple, low-pressure technique to sell high profit ‘Additional Service Options’ over-the-phone.

Over 80 pages of SFS ‘Business Infrastructure’ procedures (in both PDF and Word format) including:

  • ‘On-site Pre-Inspection’ Phone Format (Residential)
  • NEW! ‘Remote Video Pre-Inspection’ Phone Format (Residential)
  • NEW! ‘Immediate Pricing’ Phone Format (Residential)
  • NEW! Emergency Services Phone Format
  • Initial Call Water Loss Data Sheet
  • NEW! Fire Damage Phone Format
  • Initial Call Fire Damage Data Sheet
  • Phone Format for Booking Previous Clients after a Price Increase
  • NEW! Converting a ‘Smokescreen Objection’ (Residential)
  • NEW! Pre-Arrival Courtesy Contact (PCC)
  • NEW! Steve’s complete 10 page Immediate Quality Check Call system
  • Quality Check Call Control List
  • Immediate Quality Check Call Phone Format
  • Customer Concern Follow-up Sheet
  • SFS ‘Cheat Sheet’ to flip Unhappy Clients
  • NEW! Reaching Out to Residential Clients in the Slow Season system
  • Pre-orienting the Homeowner on their Additional Service Options
  • Incoming Calls/ Non-Carpet Cleaning Questions and Requests
  • General Telephone Guidelines
  • Answering Common Phone Questions
  • Dispatching/ Scheduling
  • When a Technician Finishes the Day Early
  • Previous Job Scheduling
  • Customer Confirmation/Checklist/Email
  • NEW! Sample Confirmation Email/ Letter for Residential Cleaning
  • “Customer Inquiry” Paper Flow (Restoration)
  • Customer Inquiry Form (Restoration)

‘Convert’ just one “I’m just checking around. How much do you charge for…?” question and you’ll more than pay for this online SFS seminar!💲💲

Free Bonuses

Take advantage of these extras to guarantee your success!

  • Seminar Video Replay Each attendee will receive free 60-day ‘seminar video replay’ access. (Including the after class networking session.) Review this SFS program and/or share it with other company employees. Plus, if you can’t be in our LIVE online class you’ll still have 60 days to ‘transform’ your business… at the best time for you❣
  • Ready to go procedures You’ll receive these SFS phone, pre-inspection and office sales systems and procedures written in Microsoft Word format.💲💲 You’ll be able to easily modify this SFS Business Infrastructure to fit your operation! WOO-HOO!😁
  • FREE Review Resources We’re also including Steve’s PowerPoint slides in case you miss something during this very ‘fast-paced’ program! So you’ll be able to review your class workbook keyed to the companion slide presentation.

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SFS Winning over your caller

SFS: Winning over your caller! $149

Thursday Jun. 15, 2023 11am-2pm EST on Zoom

Thursday Oct. 12, 2023 11am-2pm EST on Zoom