SFS Seminar Curriculum: Day 3 – Wednesday

7:30-7:55 AM  SFS “Play Time”! (Optional but well worth it.) Use this early morning time to get one-on-one-help from Jon-Don reps.  You can also work with Product Spotlight items you saw earlier in the week. (And yes, class will start with Steve Toburen right on time at 8:00 AM!)

Tools for Change

Defining true wealth: Achieving the elusive “Personal Freedom”

Why Change? Trust us, you don’t want to be an “average”…

The Big Picture

Economics 101- 3 basic principles to transform your life.

The 80% Principle: It is all based on the “R Word’!

Making the Cheerleader!

The Cheerleader concept- Our #1 Industry “Success Factor”

DRAMATICALLY exceeding “Baseline”: Why and how

“Moments of Truth”- Learn HOW a client becomes a Cheerleader

“Value Added Service”: It feels great to not depend on “luck”

Success with Employees

A “Why do I have so many tech problems?” exercise

The key: “Making It Easier to Do It Right Than To Do It Wrong”

Defining your client’s “Unspoken Questions” (And how to answer them)

Why (and how to) build a Customer Cheerleader “Assembly Line”.

Building Your “Business Infrastructure”

Why you MUST build systems and procedures in your business

16 Business Infrastructure Guidelines

Your Business Infrastructure Checklist

“Strength in Numbers”- The TIPS Program

How to “Clean Up” in the “Muddled Mess” of Restoration

How to market your restoration services to “Restoration Gate Keepers”

12 startling tips to overcome the “vendor programs”

18 different “Restoration Referral Hubs” you should be marketing to!

Winning in the “Confused Buying Situation” of restoration.

Dozens of targeted step-by-step restoration systems and procedures to streamline production while creating Cheerleaders in your company!

Commercial Production and Logistics

How to make big profits in “Commercial Niches” your competition shuns!

Eight ways to dramatically increase your commercial production rates

How to build commercial “Toll Booths”: Encapsulation Maintenance Routes

How to write up a commercial contract that clients will eagerly sign!

Finding the “Sweet Spot” for YOU

Six questions to help you define your “Sweet Spot” in life.

Why (and how) to avoid the agonizing “Road-In-Between”!

Examining two recommended “I love my life!” Business Models.

How to Hire GREAT People

Why and how to avoid the deadly “Desperation Hiring”

5 places to find the Very Best People that you have never thought of!

A Six-Step Hiring System: With over 50 pages of hiring and recruiting systems to help organize your VBP. (And not get sued for discrimination!)

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