Bill Yeadon

bill_yeadonBill Yeadon

Jon-Don’s Learning Facilitator

Bill Yeadon started in the industry in 1975 as an owner-operator in St. Petersburg Florida. In 1986 Bill did his first training class and found his true love. Since that time Bill has taught IICRC approved classes in CCT, CCMT, WRT, UFT and OCT as well as many non-certified classes.

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Dalton, GA has been Bill’s home-away-from-home as he has toured over 50 carpet mills and fiber producers and has trained for Shaw Industries as well as the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI).

In 2001 Bill joined the Strategies for Success team teaching the marketing segment of the class.

Bill is currently the Technical Advisory Chairman for the CCT division of the IICRC as well as the Vice-Chairman of the S100 Carpet Cleaning Standard revision.

Now for the rest of the story according to “Big Billy” Yeadon …

You know, folks, the above bio is the boring part where a lot of organization acronyms are listed and everyone says “wow”, he must be a big, important guy! Well, I have news for you. In person, the real Big Billy will never be mistaken for a basketball player. In fact, some might think I’m a race horse jockey!

“These are a few of my favorite things …”

Now you get to hear my Julie Andrews imitation! Seriously, what can I tell you about myself? When I’m not talking about the finer points of type 6.6 nylon I’m probably touting the benefits of Starbucks, Guinness or Southwest Airlines. (I love these three companies- all for very different reasons- which if you will click HERE for my site blog you will eventually learn why!)

Then if I talk (or blog) long enough Lance Armstrong’s comeback or the latest blog post from Seth Godin will come up. I am also the self-appointed Jon-Don rock & roll critic. My students will never find me without my beloved iPod and you’ll get to hear a wide variety of musical genres whether you like it or not.

At least I get my very own room …

I think the reason I spend so many nights traveling is because I grew up as the oldest of 15 children and never had a room to myself! Of course when Nick Paolella (one of the owners of Jon-Don who personally travels to each and every SFS seminar just to make sure you are treated like a king!) is with me at SFS I still don’t!

NOTE: Actually, Nick is a good roomie and an even better boss. Plus he is a great chef and an even better story-teller as you will find out when you attend SFS. Click HERE for all the other reasons to attend SFS in addition to Nick’s great food!

Here’s what Steve Toburen has to say about Big Billy …

Bill’s typical, self-deprecating comments above are much too humble. (Maybe this grounded humility is why I like working with him so much.) I remember when Dave Howard, our vice president of marketing, called me in the D.R. way back in 2001. Dave very tentatively mentioned that Jon-Don wanted to hire some guy named Bill Yeadon to fill out our training schedule. Remember that to get up in front of strangers and teach instructors inevitably must have a big ego. So Dave was concerned how Bill and I would work together. Not to worry!

Bill has fit in beautifully with our SFS team (Click HERE to read about our other team members.) and is a huge asset to Jon-Don. I don’t know of anyone out there who knows more about the technical side of this business. However, even with all his knowledge, pH and carpet fibers are not Bill’s true passions. Instead, Bill is absolutely in love with the art and science of marketing and especially marketing to women. (Which lets face it, are still your Primary Market when it comes to residential carpet cleaning!) So you do NOT want to miss Bill’s entire day of marketing wisdom at SFS! He is also a voracious reader and you can access his thoughts HERE at Big Billy’s Books and Blogs.