SFS Seminar Curriculum: Day 5 – Friday

7:30-7:55 AM  SFS “Play Time”! (Optional) Your last early morning chance to ask questions and learn from our Jon-Don reps. Plus Steve Toburen will be in early for any personal consulting. Then we’ll tie up our super-intense five days together starting at 8:00 AM sharp!

The Final Two Steps to Implement Value Added Service

Step #5 – Let Your Employees Know How They Are Doing

Employee Evaluations: How to help them stay “on track”

Company Staff Meetings: How to keep your “team pumped up”!

Step #6 – If They Won’t Play Ball- Fire Them! (This may be the most important step!)

The Why (and How) of Terminating Employees: 6 steps to fire someone.

“Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”- 16 security measures to take now!

How to Win with “Challenging Customers”

Complaint Procedures: 9 steps to turn an angry client into a Cheerleader!

“Quality Check” Calls: Why (and how) to dig for passively unhappy clients!

How to Convert a “Price Haggler” into a customer: (And still make a profit!)

The “Stay Beautiful” Program- A turn-key system for “guaranteed client cash flow”!

Leading Your Company to Success

8 Steps to Make Value Added Service Happen in Your Business

Our TOP TEN Leadership Concepts to Implement from SFS!

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