SFS Seminar Curriculum: Day 1 – Monday


Things To Do

“Strategies for Success” Action Plan


Change is Unavoidable

Roadblocks to Personal Change

Questions to Ask Yourself

Sailboats, Yachts, and Tall-Masted Ships

What Makes Businesses Grow

Profile of a “Sailboat” Company

Profile of a “Sailing Yacht” Company

Profile of a “Tall-Masted Ship” Company

Tall-Tales, Running Lean, and Cautionary Winds

Words of Advice

Leadership Styles

What’s Your Style?

Design an iPhone

What’s Your Style? A Closer View

Myths About Stress

Three Facts About Stress

Typical Reactions to Intolerable Stress

“Z” Patterns in Stress

Versatility and Flexibility

The Perception of Your Flexibility

Pricing for Profit

10 Misconceptions About Money

Small Business Statistics

Our Money Beliefs, Profits

The 5 Parts of Your Income Statement

A Quick Overview

“Thumbnailing” Your Price

The 5 M’s of Cost of Sales

Extraction Clearing Pricing Form

Job Costing Worksheet

Daily Production Log

Field Inspection Guide

Effective Selling in a Crowded Marketplace

Selling, Part 1: An Overview of the Sales Process

The “Three-Legged Stool” Business Model

Residential Services

Commercial Services

Disaster Restoration

Where Does Selling Fit In on the Above “3 Legs”?

Selling, Part 2: Managing Salespeople

Start with the Sales Objective

Establish the Sales Plan

Conducting Sales Calls

Managing and Measuring Activities, Sales Meetings

Selling, Part 3: Hiring and Compensating Salespeople

Recruiting and Interviewing Candidates

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