Angela Buege

angela_buegeAngela Buege

National SFS Seminar Coordinator

Angela Buege started with Jon-Don in 1988 as an account representative. She spent almost twenty years dedicated to the needs of the individuals in the carpet cleaning, building maintenance and restoration industry. She addressed concerns and solved challenges from “what product is best to use?” to “where does a new carpet cleaner get the best learning tools”.

Angela joined the Strategies for Success team right from the start way back in 1996. Her incredible attention to details is Angela’s strength. By making sure that all the “behind the scenes” events run smoothly at SFS Angela has become an indispensable part of the SFS team. Her goal is to have your learning environment AND your experience be absolutely superb at SFS! Here is how she does it …

Just like we teach at SFS, Angela buys into the importance of having a system to follow. (You will learn how essential systems are for YOUR organization when you attend SFS.) Angela starts weeks in advance of each SFS seminar with a 15-page “checklist” of things to arrange even before you walk through the doors on Day One. Then she has a day-by-day system to follow while you are attending the event. Angela says our SFS students’ observations and feedback have been a huge help in making the class what it is today. (Not to mention three of the best instructors in the industry plus an awesome staff at Jon-Don that keeps her on her toes as well). To date, Angela is always striving to make SFS even better.

Now the real story straight from Angela …

When I’m not coordinating and traveling with the SFS team, I’m spending my time in Park City, Utah with my husband, two active yellow Labradors and two cats. My husband and I love skiing, mountain biking and hiking the hundreds of miles of trails in our little mountain town. (The dogs are on almost all of our adventures. Sometimes I think they are getting in better shape than me!)

I also love to cook. (Food is sort of an obsession with me!) I’ve been put in charge by the SFS team to always locate the best restaurants for dinner when we’re traveling to our Jon-Don locations. I’m always open to hearing from the locals as to where the best places are to eat. Who would know better?

The best part…

Besides working with a great team, I think the thing I cherish most about being a part of the SFS team is getting to spend a week with Nick. I never tire of hearing his stories or his jokes. He’s a wonderful, down to earth boss who loves what he does. In fact, Nick always says “If you are not having fun with what you are doing, then go do something else!” (With Nick attitude is everything.) You will see this first hand by how his SFS team (and our attendees) treat him. Papa Nick (as Steve would call him) is a treasure. SFS will give you all the tools to run a successful business and Nick is a real-life example of the truth of these concepts. To me, Nick is doing what he loves and that is the real definition of success!