SFS QuickFIXs – Simple solutions that pay off BIG!

These simple pieces of paperwork have been perfected over the years to streamline carpet cleaning companies, restoration operations and commercial cleaning businesses. Try them out and you will see why attending the Strategies for Success seminar will be the best business decision you have ever made.

NOTE:  Check back here often as we are continually adding new resources. Plus if you need a solution in your company drop us a line and we just might develop a QuickFIX just for you!  Then we will share it with our other site users.  As I always remind all of you, “We’re all in this together!”


General – Applicable to ALL

What to put on your website

Avoid dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning

How to keep control of your Technicians’ tools

How to promote personal safety on the jobsite

How to learn from customer complaints

How to keep cleaning equipment in working condition

Residential Carpet Cleaning

How to train your techs for referrals

How to regularly track your finances

How to get more cleaning customer referrals

How to structure your work day

How to market your cleaning services

How to “guarantee” yearly customer cleanings

How to be more productive in carpet cleaning

How to prepare the way for your Technicians

How to prepare the way for your Technicians (in Word format)

Fire, Water and Mold Containment and Restoration

How to get more water damage jobs

How to get more disaster restoration referrals

How to be more productive in water damage restoration setup

Commercial Building Maintenance and Carpet Cleaning

How to price commercial carpet cleaning services

How to sell more cleaning contracts

How to organize commercial cleaning accounts

How to be more productive in commercial cleaning setup

Want to put this paperwork in practice?

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11 thoughts on “SFS QuickFIXs – Simple solutions that pay off BIG!”

  1. Steve, do you have a sample commercial carpet cleaning contract? I have small restaurant that wants a monthly contract but I want to be sure it is worded right. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Is there a way to get an editable “Production Day Sheet”? I like the form, but would like to change/add a few items and if possible…would rather not start from scratch making my own form that would just be similar.


  3. Are their any tips on how to structure a VEHICLE wrap for more calls, draw more attention to it? We need to wrap a van and wondering if there is anything we are missing putting on it.

  4. Good question re: wrapping your “moving billboard”! We touch on vehicle wraps in different places here but don’t really have a post dedicated to it. I’m putting it on our “editorial calendar” and thanks for the idea! (HINT: Don’t try to put too much stuff on a wrap- it just “muddies the waters” and confuses your clients.)

  5. Yes, we do, Jeffery, and it is included free of charge in the SFS ‘Business Infrastructure” Operations Manual in our five day SFS: Business Transformation!

    The template covers everything from dress and grooming, days off, government ‘boiler plate’, how to deal with employee damage to customer’s or the company’s property, etc. Even better, the Employee Handbook comes in digital Microsoft Word format so you (or your local labor attorney) can quickly customize to fit your company.

    Jeffery, I don’t have the Employee Handbook template broken out of the Operations Manual (which contains over 900 pages of systems and procedures!) however there are pieces of it scattered throughout the QuickFIXs above! Or even better invest five days to transform your company (and just maybe your life!) and attend our SFS: Business Transformation! (CLICK HERE for our Frequently Asked Questions about SFS.)

    NOTE: Another great resource is our Strategies for Success: ‘Growing Your Business’ Facebook Group. We have over 6,000 serious cleaning and restoration contractors all focused on one thing, Jeffery- ‘Growing Your Business’! (You don’t have to be a SFS graduate to join us.)

    Best wishes!

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