Motivate your cleaning employees with a weekly contest for Scotchgard “up-sells”!

scotchgard protects against spills

Business needs to be about more than just making money. Simply put, your carpet cleaning employees need fun in their work day and what is more fun than a good-natured competitive contest?

Boost your technician’s morale!

“Quality Check” calls made the day after the cleaning service are a great way to verify that the home owner is delighted. (If you aren’t doing them, start now!) However, this week’s quickTIP shows how to “double dip” with your Q/C calls by creating a positive Moment of Truth for your technicians.

A wounded carpet cleaner’s cry for help …

All of us (and especially you solo owner operators) should think about the fragile line between good health and winding up disabled in just one instant. And we’re not just talking health. Instead, think what would happen to your family’s economic security if you lose one, two, three or more months of work …