Cut your stress with Red Tags!

This can be a “logistically tough” industry. Your service vans are all over the city and yet need essential equipment/ chemicals to do the job. So I dreaded phone calls like this one…

“Uhh, Steve, I’m about 45 minutes from the shop. Now don’t yell at me, Steve, but uhhhh… someone ‘borrowed’  my carpet wand off the truck last night.”

Wow!  I just wanted to smash the phone (or my employee’s head!) into little pieces!

OR I could get proactive by asking “Where did my system break down?” After all, my guys flying out in the morning should have been able to assume that normal cleaning items (such as a carpet wand) were on their truck where they left them the day before! DUH! So we put a cast-iron rule in place…

When a normal cleaning item is removed from a truck you MUST “red tag” the steering wheel!

BINGO! This simple procedure cut 30 points off my blood pressure! IF an employee absolutely had to  remove something off a truck then no problem IF they put a red hang tag detailing the removal on the steering wheel. Let’s see how it worked…

My sleepy tech starts to back out in the morning and yep- his hand hits the red tag on the steering wheel that says- “No Cleaning Wand!” Wonderful- now at least we have consistent communication BEFORE the tech drives 30 miles from the shop and discovers the problem!) Even better, Steve’s blood pressure is now under control and he won’t be arrested for assaulting a tech today!

NOTE: You can get these big red tags with a wire already attached online or at most larger office supply stores.

Restoration HINT: This daily communication principle is even more important with the multitude of details in restoration. That’s why every employee needs the “Load List” found on our Production Day Sheet.

Commercial HINT: Build on this consistent communication with a Job Profile Sheet for every job. Now your commercial techs won’t be able to hold you hostage!


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