SFS Seminar Curriculum: Day 4 – Thursday

7:30-7:55 AM  SFS “Play Time”! Now is your chance to work with the great commercial encapsulation equipment we Spotlighted yesterday! And see what else can make your life easier and your business more productive! Then it will be time to “get down in the trenches” with Steve at 8:00 AM sharp!

The Six Steps to Value Added Service (We cover Step #1: How to “Hire the Best” on Day 3)

Step #2 – “Making It Easier to Do It Right Than to Do It Wrong”

Telephone Procedures

The Ugly Debate: Pricing-Over-The-Phone vs. Pre-inspecting!

A Killer “Phone Format: How to book the job with a “Price Shopper”

How to do “Pre-Inspections”: For carpet cleaning, restoration & commercial

An incredible 13 word reply when your client says: “Let me check with my husband”…

Scripting your On-site Service Stage Play: Help your techs “learn their lines!”

“Stage Play” Paperwork: Work orders and Production Day Sheets

Moment of Truth Checklists: Restoration/ Residential/ Commercial

How to sell “Additional Service Options”: HUGE Profit for YOU!

An Easy Protector Sales Outline (Your techs will love this script)

The “12 Month Spot & Spill Warranty”After all, how often do you want to clean their carpets?

How to Implement All These “Service Systems” in YOUR Company

Avoiding “Passive Resistance” From Your Employees

Step #3 – How to Keep the “Very Best People” Long Term

The 8 Things Your Employees Need from Your Company

Step #4 – Tell Them What to Do (Especially your new hires!)

An Initial Orientation Program: Stop throwing your VBP to the wolves!

A clearly written Employee Manual: A great “template” for your company

A Fast Track Training Program- Imagine creating a crew chief in two weeks!

A formal Outside Training Program- The VBP want to grow in their career.

Written Job Descriptions- Tweak these for every position in your company

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