SFS: “Business Transformation” Curriculum – Day by Day

We get this question all the time- “I’ve been in this industry a long time! Why should I invest five days of my life to sit in a class room?”

Our answer comes from Michael Gerber, author of “The E-Myth”: “My experience has shown me that the people who are exceptionally good in business aren’t so because of what they know but because of their insatiable need to know more.”

Sadly, the cleaning and restoration industry is full of great people (but clueless business owners) working like slaves while scratching out a lower-middle-class existence. (Some of them may be your competitors!)

This is just so very tragic because a career as a cleaning and/or restoration professional CAN be your road to wealth- IF ‘you do it right’!

So how about you? Are you happy with your ‘business status quo’? OR do you have “an insatiable need to know more?” Or maybe you just want to know EXACTLY what the heck is this thing called “SFS: Business Transformation“!

Well, only since you asked, we invite you to peruse this day-by-day course outline …

NOTE: Simply can’t invest five days to “transform your business” (and just maybe your life) yet? Then get the “nuts and bolts” of SFS in two intense days with our SFS: Hands-On Operations seminar!

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

SFS Seminar Curriculum: Day 1 – Monday


Things To Do

“Strategies for Success” Action Plan


Change is Unavoidable

Roadblocks to Personal Change

Questions to Ask Yourself

Sailboats, Yachts, and Tall-Masted Ships

What Makes Businesses Grow

Profile of a “Sailboat” Company

Profile of a “Sailing Yacht” Company

Profile of a “Tall-Masted Ship” Company

Tall-Tales, Running Lean, and Cautionary Winds

Words of Advice

Leadership Styles

What’s Your Style?

Design an iPhone

What’s Your Style? A Closer View

Myths About Stress

Three Facts About Stress

Typical Reactions to Intolerable Stress

“Z” Patterns in Stress

Versatility and Flexibility

The Perception of Your Flexibility

Pricing for Profit

10 Misconceptions About Money

Small Business Statistics

Our Money Beliefs, Profits

The 5 Parts of Your Income Statement

A Quick Overview

“Thumbnailing” Your Price

The 5 M’s of Cost of Sales

Extraction Clearing Pricing Form

Job Costing Worksheet

Daily Production Log

Field Inspection Guide

Effective Selling in a Crowded Marketplace

Selling, Part 1: An Overview of the Sales Process

The “Three-Legged Stool” Business Model

Residential Services

Commercial Services

Disaster Restoration

Where Does Selling Fit In on the Above “3 Legs”?

Selling, Part 2: Managing Salespeople

Start with the Sales Objective

Establish the Sales Plan

Conducting Sales Calls

Managing and Measuring Activities, Sales Meetings

Selling, Part 3: Hiring and Compensating Salespeople

Recruiting and Interviewing Candidates

SFS Seminar Curriculum: Day 2 – Tuesday

7:30-7:55 AM  SFS “Play Time”! Beat the traffic! Come in early to demo any equipment on the floor with our Jon-Don reps. Plus store staff will share the “best and brightest” of our new products!  (Your very intense SFS Marketing Day will begin with Bill Yeadon at 8:00 AM sharp!)


Take a Longer View

Start with “Why”

State Your Plan

Your Marketing Plan Questionnaire

The Four Components of Marketing






Traditional Marketing

Marketing to Women


Hub Marketing: Residential

Hair Salons

Carpet & Furniture Retailers

Interior Designers


Pet Spas

School Bands

Mobile Home Parks

Media Tools

Business cards

Direct Mail




Digital Marketing


Landing Pages


Social Marketing






Social Media Plan

Customer Retention

Review Sites



Marketing Never Stops

Design Your Marketing Calendar

The SFS Marketing TOP 10 List

SFS Seminar Curriculum: Day 3 – Wednesday

7:30-7:55 AM  SFS “Play Time”! (Optional but well worth it.) Use this early morning time to get one-on-one-help from Jon-Don reps.  You can also work with Product Spotlight items you saw earlier in the week. (And yes, class will start with Steve Toburen right on time at 8:00 AM!)

Tools for Change

Defining true wealth: “Personal Freedom”

Why Change? Trust us, you don’t want to be an “average”…

Finding the “Sweet Spot” for YOU

Three “Reality Check” questions to help you define your “Sweet Spot” in life.

Why (and how) to avoid the agonizing “Road-In-Between”!

Examining two recommended “I love my life!” Business Models.

The Big Picture

Economics 101- 3 basic principles to transform your life.

The 80% Principle: It is all based on the “R Word’!

Making the Cheerleader!

The Cheerleader concept- Our #1 Industry “Success Factor”

DRAMATICALLY exceeding “Baseline”: Why and how

“Moments of Truth”- Learn HOW a client becomes a Cheerleader

“Value Added Service”: It feels great to not depend on “luck”

Success with Employees

A “Why do I have so many tech problems?” exercise

The key: “Making It Easier to Do It Right Than To Do It Wrong”

Defining your client’s “Unspoken Questions” (And how to answer them)

Why (and how to) build a Customer Cheerleader “Assembly Line”.

Building Your “Business Infrastructure”

Why you MUST build systems and procedures in your business

16 Business Infrastructure Guidelines

Your Business Infrastructure Checklist

“Strength in Numbers”- The TIPS Program

How to “Clean Up” in the “Muddled Mess” of Restoration

How to market your restoration services to “Restoration Gate Keepers”

12 startling tips to overcome the “vendor programs”

18 different “Restoration Referral Hubs” you should be marketing to!

Winning in the “Confused Buying Situation” of restoration.

Dozens of targeted step-by-step restoration systems and procedures to streamline production while creating Cheerleaders in your company!

Commercial Production and Logistics

How to make big profits in “Commercial Niches” your competition shuns!

Eight ways to dramatically increase your commercial production rates

How to build commercial “Toll Booths”: Encapsulation Maintenance Routes

How to write up a commercial contract that clients will eagerly sign!

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Residential

The “Stay Beautiful” Program- A turn-key residential system for “guaranteed client cash flow”!



SFS Seminar Curriculum: Day 4 – Thursday

7:30-7:55 AM  SFS “Play Time”! Now is your chance to work with the great commercial encapsulation equipment we Spotlighted yesterday! And see what else can make your life easier and your business more productive! Then it will be time to “get down in the trenches” with Steve at 8:00 AM sharp!

Six Steps to implement “Value Added Service” in your company

Step #1 – How to Hire GREAT People

Why and how to avoid the deadly “Desperation Hiring”

5 places to find the Very Best People (VBP) that you have never thought of!

A Six-Step Hiring System: With over 50 pages of hiring and recruiting systems to help organize your VBP. (And not get sued for discrimination!)

Step #2 – “Making It Easier to Do It Right Than to Do It Wrong”

Telephone Procedures

The Ugly Debate: Pricing-Over-The-Phone vs. Pre-inspecting!

A Killer “Phone Format: How to book the job with “Price Shopper”

How to do “Pre-Inspections”: For carpet cleaning, restoration & commercial

A 13 word reply when your client says: “Let me check with my husband”…

Scripting your On-site Service Stage Play: Help your techs “learn their lines!”

“Stage Play” Paperwork: Work orders and Production Day Sheets

Moment of Truth Checklists: Restoration/ Residential/ Commercial

How to sell “Additional Service Options”: HUGE Profit for YOU!

An Easy Protector Sales Outline (Your techs will love this script)

The “12 Month Spot & Spill Warranty”After all, how often do you want to clean their carpets?

HOW to Implement All These “Service Systems” in YOUR Company

Avoiding “Passive Resistance” From Your Employees

Step #3 – How to Keep the “Very Best People” Long Term

The 8 Things Your Employees Need from Your Company


SFS Seminar Curriculum: Day 5 – Friday

7:30-7:55 AM  SFS “Play Time”! (Optional) Your last early morning chance to ask questions and learn from our Jon-Don reps. Plus Steve Toburen will be in early for any personal consulting. Then we’ll tie up our super-intense five days together starting at 8:00 AM sharp!

The Final Three Steps to Implement Value Added Service

Step #4 – Tell Them What to Do (Especially your new hires!)

An Initial Orientation Program: Stop throwing your VBP to the wolves!

A clearly written Employee Manual: A great “template” for your company

A Fast Track Training Program- Imagine creating a crew chief in two weeks!

A formal Outside Training Program- The VBP want to grow in their career.

Written Job Descriptions- Tweak these for every position in your company

Step #5 – Let Your Employees Know How They Are Doing

Employee Evaluations: How to help them stay “on track”

Company Staff Meetings: How to keep your “team pumped up”!

Step #6 – If They Won’t Play Ball- Fire Them! (This may be the most important step!)

The Why (and How) of Terminating Employees: 6 steps to fire someone.

“Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”- 16 security measures to take now!

How to Win with “Challenging Customers”

Complaint Procedures: 9 steps to turn an angry client into a Cheerleader!

“Quality Check” Calls: Why (and how) to dig for passively unhappy clients!

How to Convert a “Price Haggler” into a customer: (And still make a profit!)

Leading Your Company to Success

8 Steps to Implement Value Added Service in Your Business

Our TOP TEN Leadership Concepts to Implement from SFS!