Finding success as a restoration contractor

Water Soaked Carpet PadBig money but huge risk too. How can you be successful in Disaster Restoration … ?

It’s a fact, disaster restoration is a “double edged sword”. Yet thousands of our SFS members ARE successful in this demanding business and they’ve learned from the best! So you have questions- we have answers. Let your SFS team help you!

“Other restoration contractors are ‘outbidding’ me with plumber referrals. HELP!” Too many restorers are paying too much to plumbers. In this series industry veteran Ivan Turner shares how he “partners up” with plumbers and yet doesn’t pay them anything!

“Where can I find competent and reliable on-call workers for this feast or famine business?” Instead of depending on temporary help agencies one answer may be to “grow your own” on-call help. Try these ideas…

“How can I get more disaster restoration calls?” This simple check list will guide your employees through the “Emotional Dynamics” of a difficult and stressful situation. Highly recommended!

“How can my techs ‘get off on the right foot’ in a flooded home?” Steve shares a step-by-step inspection form that guides your employees though this tense situation with traumatized owners.

“So often the Insured is hostile right from the git-go! What can I do to win them over?” One neat trick to to take Immediate Action to help them. Here is a great Moment of Truth Steve used on his first visit to the loss.

“As a carpet cleaner how can I pick up a few water damage losses?” Get the technical side down first. Then Steve says nothing beats face-to-face. So why not start with your own insurance agent?

“How can I get adjusters to view me as a team player and throw me more losses?” Stressed out adjusters live and die based on timely, accurate information. So give it to them with their very own online, password protected “Drop Box”!

“It seems like my restoration clients always wind up mad at everyone involved- including me! What’s up?” This Special report explains that the “Emotional Dynamics” of restoration are totally different from any other part of our industry. Build these ideas into your daily work procedures and you will prosper in restoration!

“Can you help me with a customer comment form for restoration?” The way to an adjuster’s heart is consistently producing delighted Insureds. So be sure to flaunt it when you create a Cheerleader. Steve explains how to do it.

12 Secrets For a Smoother Running Restoration Business! Exactly what it says- 12 tips on how to cut your stress AND shave 30 points off your high blood pressure!

“I was ready to have a nervous breakdown before SFS!” A successful Kansas restoration contractor explains it hasn’t always been easy and exactly how he found success. Plus read other restoration Success Stories HERE.

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