Use ‘cloud storage’ for client information sharing

Become the ‘go-to company’ for an insurance adjuster (or a commercial facility manager) and they’ll stay with you forever. Build on this ‘team loyalty’ by easily sharing job information/communication ‘in the cloud’. Here’s how to do it…

Set up a password-protected ‘shared folder’ for each adjuster/ property manager you work with ‘in the cloud’. Then within your shared folder put a separate file for each account or loss.

NOTE: Your SFS team uses Dropbox to share our course development information. But you can also use Google Drive which can be FREE! Or there are a multitude of cloud storage services available that are simple to set up, work well and are very secure.

Now both you and your Property Manager or adjuster will receive a ‘pop-up notification’ when the other shares photos, job progress reports and observations about each job. This automatic reminder creates an easy and non-intrusive Moment of Truth by reminding your client you are ‘on the job’. Plus you will be differentiating your company from your competition!

Manager’s TIP:  If your company has account reps for restoration or commercial clients make sure you personally have ‘permission-based access’ to all files. So now you as the boss can easily and quickly check for ‘issues’ with any account and gently hold your employees accountable. (OR hopefully commend your staff for doing a great job!)

Marketing TIP: IF you decide to offer this service what a great excuse to drop by your adjuster or commercial contact to give them a mini-orientation on your tablet of how the service will help them!

Warning: When you drop an update into an adjuster’s folder double-check that you are accessing the right person. (Don’t ask me how I learned this one!) You don’t want to inadvertently ‘share an inappropriate comment’ with the insured!


PS: CLICK HERE to see how to build on this ‘cloud storage’ concept by making your End Client (the Insured or the building’s tenants) part of your team.

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