SFS Member Profile: Chavez Restoration, Inc.

In 1967 my father Trinidad Chavez started a part-time business with nothing more than rented equipment and high hopes to simply provide for his family. He based his new business on three goals: 1) Do the best job you can, 2) be the best at what you do and 3) keep the customer satisfied.Originally named “Chavez Carpet Cleaning” Trinidad’s one and only service was just that- carpet cleaning. As his customers needed additional cleaning and restoration other services were added and the name evolved to “Chavez Cleaning Service”. Finally, in 1994 with increasing fire and water damage restoration needs, the name changed once again to “Chavez Restoration Inc.” and it remains the same today.

Chavez Restoration Inc. is truly a family owned and operated business. Throughout the years, Trinidad and his wife Rachel have employed family members spanning three generations. Trinidad took pride in overseeing business operations along with Rachel, and after his passing in 2010, the second Chavez generation continues to honor Trinidad’s values while achieving the goals he set forth for the organization.

Chavez Restoration is widely diversified. We do water and fire damage restoration (including soda blasting), bio recovery, mold remediation, air duct cleaning, tile and grout and of course our old reliable- carpet cleaning! We have 19 employees and 23 business vehicles. Everything from Prius’s and Ford Transits to box vans for fire pack outs!

We are constantly doing in-house training on the principles we learned in Strategies for Success and its one day “little brother”- the Value Added Service for Technicians (VAST) seminar. All of our training focuses on looking through the “Customers Eye Glasses”– stepping outside what you see and feel and looking at the job (and the situation) through our customer’s eyes.

I recommend Strategies for Success all the time! In fact, I think SFS should be “mandatory” for all cleaning and restoration companies!

Richard Chavez, Chavez Restoration, Inc.

Topeka, KS

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