Boost your technician’s morale!

“Quality Check” calls made the day after the cleaning service are a great way to verify that the home owner is delighted. (If you aren’t doing them, start now!) However, this week’s quickTIP shows how to “double dip” with your Q/C calls by creating a positive Moment of Truth for your technicians.

Do college graduates make good carpet cleaning employees?

College can be a wonderful gift and a great opportunity. OR it can be a four, five or six year party that wastes time and money. After reading a New York Times article Steve reflects on today’s cleaning workforce …

Mike Lamunyon transforms his restoration company with SFS/VAST!

27 year industry veteran Mike Lamunyon has transformed his company with Value Added Service concepts. Every single one of his 20 plus employees are on board with the Value Added Service techniques taught by the Strategies for Success (SFS) seminar and Jon-Don’s one day “Valued Added Service for Technicians” (VAST) class. Check out what these programs could do for your company …

“Information age” to the “conceptual age”- where do I fit in?

You may be “just a carpet cleaner” but have you ever been accused of being “a blue-sky person”? Do you recall information better when it is explained in story form? Have you noticed that one of your child’s favorite sayings is “Mommy, read me a story?” If your head is nodding up and down, you are going to love this book.

4 Reasons to Get Serious About Cleaning Commercial Carpet

Commercial Cleaning still requires you to address unique Emotional Dynamics. However Value Added Service is still just as important. Jeff Cutshall offers you his help to make a living in the Commercial Carpet Cleaning market.

Are you burning out cleaning???

Jon-Don’s “Value Added Service for Technicians” seminar coordinator, Jeff Cutshall, shares a semi-humorous take on signs of impending burnout. Over the years Jeff has culled these symptoms from his students and your employees …