Focus on your technician’s shoes!

If you are cleaning floors you must focus on the work AND the shoes you are wearing. Why? Because your client will be! So your technician’s shoes should reflect your company’s “Commitment to Cleanliness”.

4 Reasons to Get Serious About Cleaning Commercial Carpet

Commercial Cleaning still requires you to address unique Emotional Dynamics. However Value Added Service is still just as important. Jeff Cutshall offers you his help to make a living in the Commercial Carpet Cleaning market.

Brand Sense- marketing cleaning services through the five senses

In this summary of “Brand Sense…Build Powerful Brands through Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, and Sound” Bill Yeadon explains how the five senses can affect your customer AND what they FEEL about your service …

Should I wear a bow tie when cleaning?

A Pennsylvania tech wants to add a bit of pizzazz to his “cleaning presentation”. His boss (being from the “old school” isn’t so sure. “New School Steve” shares his thoughts plus a couple of hints …