How to give “public recognition”

retain-best-employees-with-public-recognitionNews Flash! A career as a cleaning or restoration technician is not a “high prestige” position! Sure, I know YOU as a business owner (or manager) LOVE this industry! I do too! But now look at your worker’s life using your “Employee Eyeglasses”. What do you see?

It isn’t pretty! Your technicians work under great pressure! They face hard, physical work, demanding clients and you book their schedule too full! Plus in the immortal words of Rodney Dangerfield your tech feels like “I don’t get no respect”! The result? The average tech’s self image is very low.

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Create Public Recognition Systems (PRS’s) for all of your staff!

These PRS’s should give employee “atta-boys” both inside and outside of your company. NOTE: Singing your worker’s praises to the outside world motivates your employees AND impresses your prospective clients! A classic “Double Dip”! Here are a few Public Recognition ideas:

1) Feature your monthly “100 Delighted Award” tech(s) on your website. (And of course the winning techs get to proudly display the award on their vans!)

2) Profile a different tech in each client newsletter. (You don’t have a regular company newsletter? Why not?)

3) When an employee is hired, promoted, graduates from a seminar or gets certified send out a press release to local newspapers. Plus praise your tech’s achievements on your company’s website and/or Facebook page!

4) Public Recognition also means the public should be able to recognize your employees! So leave Customer Comment Cards to get customer feedback on your employee’s (hopefully great!) service. Then don’t keep this praise a secret. Shout it to the world!

NOTE: Making Immediate Quality Check Calls allows unhappy clients to vent their anger to your office instead of slamming you on internet review sites! Plus you’ll also write down (and share) customer’s delight with your employees!

5) PRS’s also mean presenting a great public image. So give your workers snappy uniforms and great-looking, signed vehicles. Plus present your new hires with their own personal business cards and a photo I.D. badge immediately upon hiring!

Once again, these PRS’s pump up your employee and shows prospective clients that your company hires (and keeps) only the best! But an even better way to build morale in your company is to “create a family!” Hmmmm, maybe we should talk about this…


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