Your Guide to ‘Personal Freedom’ in Cleaning & Restoration

find personal freedomSo are you a “success”?

A great reputation, a growing business, lots of employees, a hefty bank account and of course all the “toys of success”? (Cars, boats, houses, RV, etc?) If so, congratulations! BUT…

Are you still searching for that elusive “Personal Freedom”? Yep, the simple joy of being FREE (when you choose to be) of the daily grind and pressure of business. (It shouldn’t ALL be about money!)

Let SFS Training help you achieve ‘Personal Freedom” with the topics below!

“How can I bring sanity to each insane day?” Fill out this SFS Production Day Sheet for each tech and attach it to their stack of Job Folders.

“When can I ‘escape’ my cleaning business?” Steve Toburen explains the need to diversify plus shares some essential SFS links on “exit planning”.

Why you should hire “people who are better than you”! Here’s why you should hire “outside of your comfort zone” so you personally can “break free”.

“Where can I find a good office manager?” Guidelines for recruiting and hiring strong managers- which is what you want if you are going to achieve Personal Freedom!

“How can I hold my techs ‘accountable’ when they are out in the field?” Don’t let your employees become “Loose Cannons” out there. Steve shares tried-and-true systems to add Employee Accountability to your company.

“How can I ‘price for profit’ more accurately?” You are never going to find Personal Freedom unless your business consistently cranks out net profit.

“Why am I busier now with more employees than when we were smaller?”  Still think of yourself as the “chief problem solver”. You must STOP this destructive behavior if you want to Find Personal Freedom!

“How much money/income will I need to retire?” The simple answer: “More than you think!” Steve reveals the results of a scary study which leads us to the next logical question…

“How much is my business worth?” Ah yes, the Eternal Question. This easy-to-fill-out worksheet will give you a starting point. (Even though NEVER put your business up for sale without competent legal and financial advice.) Of course, once you have your price now you have to GET IT!

“What steps can I take now to get top dollar for my business down the road?” What a great strategy! “Beginning with the end in mind” or as Steve calls it, the Business Sale Preparation Process. (BSPP) Plus remember that everything you do with the BSPP also makes your company an easier, more-fun-to-run and MUCH more profitable business which means you may never want to sell out!

“Have other cleaners and restoration contractors been able to transition into ‘Personal Freedom mode’?” Absolutely! David Gargan did it and we’ve helped thousands of other industry veterans do the same. READ more of their stories here.

Want more “Finding Personal Freedom” resources?

HERE is a special SFS website section on “Pricing and Profits”. (And yes- you will need “profits” to find Personal Freedom!)

HERE are dozens of Special Reports on how to build a “sustainable” business and…

HERE is the “Business Infrastructure” to make it happen without you and WHY you need to attend Jon-Don’s Strategies for Success seminar!