Parking your truck safely and efficiently

These weekly SFS QuickTIPS mostly focus on Making the Cheerleader by creating the all-important positive Moments of Truth with your client. But you also need to A) get the work done while B) avoiding negative Moments of Truth. (Also referred to as “messing up”!) For example, here is a good reminder:

Whenever possible and practical back your vehicles into your garage or the customer’s driveway. Your cargo area will be more accessible and when leaving you avoid the danger of backing your truck into passing traffic.

Obviously as you back in you don’t want to hit anything. (Just one more reason for two people to be on the truck.) And as a general safety reminder be very cautious with carbon monoxide from your truck mount exhaust. Many of our SFS members use portable exhaust hoses to direct fumes well away from the home and/or place an air mover at the customer’s entrance.

Steve Toburen

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