What does your van say about your business?

Decisions, decisions, decisions! For example, picking your company’s name and logo wasn’t an easy process. Deciding when to hire your first employee and/or make the jump to a true commercial location probably kept you up at night. Rightly so! These were big decisions with long-term consequences. However, remember that “the Devil is in the details”. So please implement this QuickTIP and the principle behind it…

A sparkling clean work van reflects your image as a professional cleaning company. So the little details become even more important. For example, carry tire foam to pretty up your van’s tires. Re-apply the tire foam at lunch or at gas stations plus at the end of the day. Regularly done it only takes a few seconds. Then even if your van is a bit dirty due to the travel during the day the shiny black tires will make it look clean and new every time. It’s all about first impressions!  🙂

Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions. While the big decisions may have more weight (and urgency!) remember that the small details can make a huge difference in the here and now!  Requiring yourself (and your techs) to follow simple procedures like spraying a bit of tire foam during the day will pay off big time!


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