“The entire carpet is one big urine spot! What next?”


Question: Are there any shortcuts that will still let me give a 100% guarantee on pet odor neutralization?

Bill’s Answer: No, not really when you add the phrase “100%”!

Hello, Bill!

What is it with dog owner’s in Austin?  I’m still searching for a good solution for homes that have MANY pet stains and odor. My challenge? The homeowner doesn’t have the money to have the padding replaced, sub-floor sealed, etc. Many can’t even afford my fallback treatment of applying Matrix Urine Pre-conditioner / All Fiber Rinse to loosen the urine salts, followed by enzyme pre-spray & rinse.

My questions are…

1. What pre-spray &/or additive/booster do you recommend for treating the surface?

2. What are your thoughts on using Matrix Miracle as a pre-spray to treat the surface?

As always, thanks for your help!!!!  (Yet again.)

Tired of Pee in Austin

Dear Tired,

For an all over urine pre-spray you can use ChemSpec Kill Odor Plus. It is a topical prespray and will only take care of surface urine problems.

However, most urine problems have penetrated not only the carpet and pad but even the sub-floor. The Number One principle of odor remediation is to remove the source. (No I am not talking about the pet even though it is tempting to offer the “pet disposal option” to the home owner!) So you have to “get to the base” of the problem.

As you know Matrix Miracle is the best product in conjunction with the water claw spot lifter or the Dry Pro.

IF you are going to use Miracle as an additive you need to be very, very CAREFUL. Being an oxidizer it will create oxygen and if it doesn’t have a release it will make its own. In other words it will blow the top off or break out the sides of a plastic sprayer.

If you are going to do this fill a 2 gallon sprayer with 1 gallon of your product, spray and immediately take the pressure off of the sprayer.  Do NOT forget to relieve the pressure!

TIRED- Please read this answer again as Matrix Miracle will definitely explode if you do not relieve the pressure.


Note #1: Specializing in treating pet odor decontamination is a very lucrative niche business. I strongly recommend you download my free Special Report on Pet Problems.

Note #2: If you go the “quick and dirty” route in urine you must qualify, qualify, qualify and do so in writing with the owner signing off on it.  Even so, you will find some people are STILL disappointed- “BUT it still smells!”  Prepare yourself!

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