Why (and how) to not “hire in a hurry”!

find better employeesI HATED Monday morning phone calls like this one! (When we were booked solid two weeks ahead!)

Me: “Bill, where are you? You’re already late for your first residential job!” 

Bill: “Uhhh… Steve, I was going to call you. I got a new job over the weekend. Just mail me my final check. Sorry.” CLICK!😲

Me (screaming): “Arrrgh!”😡 And then to my office staff: “Find me a warm body… now!”  (This NEVER worked out well!) Learn from my mistakes when you …

Follow my 7 Steps to find better employees and avoid “Desperation Hiring”!

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Remember that these 7 steps are not a “quick fix”. Instead, to hire better employees you must start an ONGOING PROCESS that must become a routine way of life. (Click on the links for how to implement each step.)

#1 Recognize you must constantly be “recruiting” prospective employees. Then…

#2 Pre-screen and pre-interview your Very Best Prospects (VBP’s) BEFORE you are desperate! Even so…

#3 Don’t “ask ’em to marry you on the first date”.👌 Get to know each other on a part time, on-call basis first. Then…

#4 Have your VBP’s keep their regular job while waiting for a full-time job with you.

#5 Make your “Approved Candidates” wait worthwhile by providing a superior career opportunity. (Warning: This article is deep stuff. But you NEED to read it!)

#6 Keep your VBP “on the hook” by sending out a monthly “Company Update” email. (Which let’s ’em know you still want them!)

#7 Constantly be anticipating what is coming at you re: employee needs. (Your VBP’s will want to give their current employer notice.)

RESOURCE: Use my “7 Steps” above to find your “Very Best Prospects” which in turn will become your VERY BEST PEOPLE! Even better? ‘Kick start’ your recruiting efforts with my 90 page ‘Hiring Infrastructure’ in our online SFS: Hiring the Very Best! LIVE seminar💲💲💲

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