Training new employee(s) in the age of COVID-19…

train your new employeesSo “ya went and done did it”! You avoided “Desperation Hiring” and hired a new tech! Congratulations!

Thanks to the ‘deep cleaning’ required in the ago of COVID-19 you’re going to be very busy… very soon! HOWEVER, you face a huge challenge…

Your new hire is clueless on the “Emotional Dynamics” of providing a service in your client’s home or business even in the best of times! (I seldom hired techs with “previous experience”.)

But now, our current COVID-19 danger means homeowners are more ‘paranoid’ than ever! So it will be easier than ever for your new employee(s) to accidentally create negative Moments of Truth!

NOTE: Get yourself and your workers up-to-speed by CLICKING HERE for my COVID-19 series. Then CLICK HERE for COVID-19 technical resources. And HERE are products to keep you and your people safe.

Even worse, if you don’t train your new employees on the Emotional Dynamics of working with customers you will be “throwing them to the wolves” and he or she will burn out and quit! Why?

Because your new (usually young and nervous) technician normally has nothing in common with your average client. And yet “80% of how your customer decides if it was a good job or a bad job is based on the RELATIONSHIP they have with the person performing the service“! So please …

Train your new employees on the WHY (and HOW) of creating Customer Cheerleaders!

NOTE: A delighted “Cheerleader” a) seldom complains, b) will happily pay your (higher) prices, c) will purchase Additional Service Options from your tech AND d) will “sing your praises” to everyone they know! (Including giving you ecstatic online referrals!)

You consistently create these ecstatic Customer Cheerleaders by Managing your customer’s experience to provide a consistently high level of perceived value and service.” In our Strategies for Success Training we call this process Value Added Service. (VAS) Therefore…

Before you do your “trial hire” with a new candidate review VAS concepts with them. Download this FREE 6 step “Initial Value Added Service Pre-training” Outline I used HERE!  (Or check out my 7 hour audio technician training program HERE.)

Of course, it isn’t enough to just share the basic concepts of VAS to train your new employees. You must also “make it easier to do it right than to do it wrong”! How? By giving your residential, commercial or restoration techs a step-by-step checklist of how to “perform on-location”.

INTROSPECTIVE REFLECTION: Does your cleaning wand look as good to you as it did 10 years ago? And if so, then at least reflect on where you (and your body will be 10 years from now? Hmmmmm…? PLEASE focus on the SFS vision of a Critical Mass Business! (A company that will smoothly run with you OR without you.) And yes, part of this is a routine orientation/ training process!


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