Keep it simple, sweetheart!

keep-it-simple-for-customers-and-employeesI talk a lot about motivating your employees with Public Recognition. (This is super important.) But your praise will mean nothing unless your workers feel like they are doing a good job!

Yep, every employee wants to feel like they are comfortably “in control”. (Yes, I’m sure you started out in business “faking it”. Me too! That’s what an entrepreneur does- improvise! But your employees HATE feeling “out of control”.)

NOTE: If you find a Star Employee who glories in “entrepreneurial chaos” they just may be your future competition! Instead, I searched for my hiring “Sweet Spot”: smiling, honest, reliable people who enjoyed building relationships with my clients. (They ARE out there- try this recruiting tip HERE!)

Once you have great employees your job is to…

“Make It Easier” to CONSISTENTLY “do it right” rather than “do it wrong”!

This is MUCH harder than it sounds. After all, as an owner or manager YOU have everything “programmed in your head” and automatically do things exactly as YOU wish. But growth means you must control what happens out there while “cloning yourself”. So does your cleaning/restoration company have these “Making It Easier” procedures implemented?

Do your employees have their entire day laid out on one Production Day Sheet that let’s them give written input back to your office? And how about…

Consistent (and efficient)“How to set up the job” Procedures? For example…

Residential Cleaning Set-up

Commercial Carpet Cleaning (extraction) Set-up

Water Damage Mitigation Set-up

Developing a consistent routine will make production easier and faster. Yet helping your employees consistently create delighted “Cheerleaders” is MUCH more important. Hmmm… we have work ahead!


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