“Where have all the good employees gone?”

Want to build a Critical Mass Business? Then you’ll be competing for quality employees to share your vision.

With the “right people” “Growing Your Business” will be fun, easy and long lasting.  BUT hire the wrong employees and your company will become “hell on earth”! So therefore…

I was always watching for restaurant servers (including “fast food” employees) and other workers that “managed my experience” well. The bonus for me? These lower paid (and often poorly treated) workers were almost always eager to switch careers! In fact, they viewed becoming one of my service techs as a step up in their professional career! The key to success is to…

Recruit service personnel that display “Servant Leadership”.

So be alert for restaurant wait staff, gas station attendants, retail store clerks and others that just naturally provide great Moments of Truth. Then “make your move”!  Here’s how you do it…

Print up your normal business cards with the reverse side saying:  “Looking for a great career opportunity?” and then list out the benefits that your company offers.

Then simply say to your hiring prospect, “I’m impressed with your attitude. Let me write my personal cell number on this card and please give me a call soon.” (By writing your personal number on the card in front of your prospective new hire they will feel “honored”!)

Since these workers will be low on the wage/benefit scale the job you are offering will be viewed as a step up! Keep a stable of eager pre-screened and pre-interviewed “Employees in Waiting” and you will avoid the dangerous “Desperation Hiring” Trap! (Don’t ask me how I learned this one!)

Steve Toburen

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