How to ‘compete’ for the Very Best People!

finding very best peopleOver my years as a cleaning and restoration business owner I hired (and fired!) well over 100 employees. The #1 lesson I learned? NEVER do “Desperation Hiring”! Instead, view “employee recruiting” the same way you view your marketing to customers- as an ongoing process!

Listen carefully: IF you want to build a Critical Mass Business then you MUST find, pre-interview (and pre-test) quality Very Best People. (VBP) Then convince these employees-in-waiting to patiently wait for your call while they keep their current job! BUT to keep VBP candidates “on the hook” you must…

Provide an above average ‘CAREER opportunity’!

NOTE: Remember you are ‘competing’ against all other employers out there. (Not just other cleaning and/or restoration companies.) So HOW can you compete against Kinkos, Olive Garden, Federal Express, Serv-Pro AND your local plumbing company?

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1. Develop a fantastic LOCAL image. (and reputation) Many Very Best People have deep roots locally. They don’t want to move away. (Which is exactly what you want too!) So is your business highly visible in your community? Do you have great local online reviews? (VBP don’t want to be associated with a marginal company and yes, they WILL check you out online.)

2. Do you have “curb appeal”? Does your company “look good”? It should- trucks, shop, signage, uniforms and yes… (cough, cough) your workers!

3. Do you offer a “Career Ladder”? Can you provide at least the potential for growth and advancement? VBP don’t want to be “chained to a dead-end wand” forever. (Can you blame them?)

4. Convince VBP they’ll be “more than just a number”! VBP want to “create their own job security” by excelling as a valued member of your team… with loyalty on BOTH sides! (They won’t get this loyalty from a big corporation!)

5. Provide a “shared vision”VBP need more than just a paycheck. They want to be part of a team working toward “something bigger than themselves”. (My Shared Vision was “We Make the Cheerleader!” and yes, my Very Best People employees really “bought in”!)

6. Let them “earn more”. You know I’d get around to money! Maybe L.L Bean said it best: “I found if I paid my people 20% more than they could make elsewhere then I got 40% better employees.” So allow your Very Best People to make more money than they can with competing career opportunities!

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7. Develop a ‘Business Infrastructure’ of written systems and procedures. The VBP don’t enjoy ‘craziness’ every day. (Which is where most cleaning and restoration contractors are.) And yes, in SFS Training you receive a complete Business Infrastructure to build a Critical Mass Business that will run with you… or without you!

8)  Add ’employee accountability’. Your VBP glory will glory in being held accountable. Why? Because they (and your company) will shine! And they will be generously rewarded through ‘Positive Accountability’! NOTE: CLICK HERE for one great way to do this!

NOTE: Frustrated because you can’t pay more than “The Big Boys”?  I feel your pain! Let’s solve this challenge for you soon!


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