WHY you must get rid of ‘Marginal Workers’ in your company.

Here’s WHY you should never endure a marginal worker in your company. (Or your life!) Just examine the contrast below between ‘Marginal Workers’ and the ‘Very Best People’!

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  ‘Marginal Workers’ ‘Very Best People’
‘Life Issues’ Constant family/ financial/ legal drama… that they bring to work! Enjoy a stable, fulfilling, ‘no-drama’ personal and family life.
Reliability Often late with frequent last minute absences. (Then the no-shows!) Rock-solid, they alway arrive early/ stay late if needed… cheerfully!
Initiative/Creativity: Barely do what’s asked… grudgingly while complaining to others! Take pride in their work/ often share ideas on improving procedures.
Customers: Clients tolerate them… usually. (However, clients may also silently leave!) Loved by everyone so they routinely create Cheerleaders!
Emotional stability: Insecure people that don’t take counsel well. Plus require constant praise and rewards. Appreciate recognition but are largely self motivated. Set self-goals for themselves.
What about you? Marginal workers SUCK THE JOY out of your daily life! You even find yourself dreading seeing (or worse, talking to) them! Life is too short! The Very Best People are a delight to be around and work with! In fact, VBP’s inspire (and challenge) you to greater heights!


Need I say more? So PLEASE get these marginal folks out of our your life by gently and respectfully moving them out of your business NOW!

Of course, even as they look for a new job (career?) the VBP will only want to work for a ‘Very Best Company’! This means you must entice these Very Best People with an above average ‘CAREER OPPORTUNITY’! So please, click on this link and let’s get to work!


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