WHY you must not keep ‘Marginal Workers’ in your company.

I recently shared HERE the silver lining in the black cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Here’s WHY (Especially right now with so many great ‘Very Best People’ unemployed through no fault of their own!) you should never ‘settle’ for a marginal worker (MW):

  ‘Marginal Worker’ ‘Very Best Person’
‘Life Issues’ Constant family/ financial/ legal drama… that they bring to work! Enjoys a stable, fulfilling, ‘no-drama’ personal and family life.
Reliability Often late with frequent last minute absences. Rock-solid, arrives early/ stays late when needed… cheerfully!
Initiative/Creativity: Barely does what’s asked… grudgingly. Takes pride in their work/ shares ideas on improving procedures.
Customers: Clients tolerate them… usually. Loved by everyone so they routinely create Cheerleaders!
Emotional stability: An insecure person that doesn’t take counsel well. Plus requires constant praise and rewards. Appreciates recognition but is largely self motivated. Sets self-goals for themselves.
What about you? SUCKS THE JOY out of your daily life! A delight to be around and work with. In fact, VBP’s inspire (and challenge) you to greater heights!

Need I say more? So PLEASE, if your COVID-19 slowdown didn’t get these folks out our your life then gently and respectfully move them out of your business (and life) NOW!

Of course, even as they look for a new job (career?) VBP will only want to work for a ‘Very Best Company’! This means you must entice these Very Best People with an above average ‘CAREER OPPORTUNITY’! Let’s work on this one soon.


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