STOP ‘settling’ for less than the ‘Very Best People’!

Is your phone is ringing! GREAT! I’m excited for you. But wait!

WHO is going to physically handle this HUGE pent up demand for your cleaning and sanitizing services? (Remember, your new mantra should be ‘a clean home is a healthy home’!)

Sure. You can call back a laid-off employee. But wait! THINK! Honestly, wasn’t this worker (I’ll call him ‘Dan’) a bit… ‘marginal’?

Yep. ‘Marginal’ as in: “Dan’s not quite bad enough to fire but seriously… he’ll never amount to anything in my company. I wish Dan would just hurry up and quit!” If so…

Don’t bring laid off marginal employees back into your company!

NOTE: For many years I’ve told my SFS students to: Respectfully and gently help a “non-performing” employee move on with their life! The HUGE OPPORTUNITY for you now? This person is GONE!

So always ‘clean house’ by letting ‘Marginal Workers’ go and yes… you’ll even ‘transform’ your business. After all, if you are ever going to build a Critical Mass Business you must have the ‘Very Best People’ on your team.

Hiring the Very Best People (VBP) will always be a challenge. Why? Because…

Most VBP already have a job and (at least in the past) are loyal to their employer. But now…

Thanks to our ‘disrupted labor markets’ many good workers are feeling insecure and under-appreciated!

find your best peoplePeople, focus here! The current massive employment unrest IS a horrible tragedy for so many! BUT it also presents cleaning and restoration contractors a once-in-a-lifetime chance to ‘remake’ their company!

Just imagine a team of the VBP all focused on one common vision and goal… transforming your company into a Critical Mass Business! HOW will you build this great team? By recruiting/ hiring and training the ‘Very Best People’!

So obviously you should NOT rehire and/or retain ‘marginal’ employees. BUT WAIT! You’re swamped! And your marginal worker, ‘Downer Dan’, is pleading to come back!

Sure, deep-down-inside you know Downer Dan will be his usual whiny, lack luster, marginal self! But it’s SO tempting! You don’t have to train (or even interview) Dan- he can drag his lazy butt back tomorrow!

DON’T DO IT! Get out of your ‘hiring comfort zone’ and stop ‘settling’ for marginal employees! Doubt me? Then CLICK HERE compare the dramatic differences between a ‘Marginal Worker’ and a ‘Very Best Person’! Need I say more? Probably not but I will…

Remember that even as they look for a new job (career?) VBP won’t ‘settle’ either! You must entice these Very Best People with an above average ‘CAREER OPPORTUNITY’! Let’s work on this one soon.

By the way, folks, CLICK HERE  for my list of free employment related QuickTIPS! Meanwhile, please stay safe out there!



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