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HOW to grow into a ‘Critical Mass Business’

find personal freedomDeep down inside, you know your business should be able to run without you.

After all, your ‘Critical Mass Business’ will let you a) go on a real vacation, b) do sales and marketing, c) get sick and even d) die (gulp!) and yet the profits will keep flowing in! (And your company will be MUCH more valuable!)

So yes, my TIP for this column (and for YOUR life) is…

Start building a ‘Critical Mass Business’ (CMB) NOW!

So IF your business today is “all about you” HOW can you step-by-step grow into a CMB?

  1. Start. Do you want the “Personal Freedom” of a CMB? Then take a concrete step(s) toward that goal every day! Quit “peeing away” days/ weeks/ months (years?) on Displacement Activities!
  2. Start small. “Making the jump” from one truck to two can be brutal. Instead, start growing with part time employees (using their own vehicles) on “commercial routes”.
  3. Start dedicating one morning a week to contacting new prospects. You will be amazed what happens IF you just dump your ‘Fear of Rejection’!
  4. Start giving the option of a regular maintenance program. Do this for both commercial and residential proposals. (This regular cash flow will fund your CMB growth.)
  5. Start building a ‘Business Infrastructure’ to control your growth. Some owners of large companies are more ‘enslaved’ than a small owner-operator. HERE are 22 different forms and procedures to kick start your Business Infrastructure!

NOTE: Want a complete “Business in a Box” Infrastructure? (You get 4,000 pages of systems and procedures in our SFS: Business Transformation program.)

What is the key word in this QuickTIP? START! See you soon at SFS: Business Transformation soon for five very intense days!

Don’t have five days? Then attend my SFS: Hands-On Operations seminar where I pack in much of our five day program into two super-intense days!



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