How do I get started in contract commercial carpet cleaning?

Question: “How can I break into commercial carpet cleaning?”

Steve’s Answer: Get the “Law of Massive (and Sustained) Action” on your side and use my commercial “sales scripts”.

Hello Mr. Toburen,

I would really love to get into the commercial carpet cleaning world. To be honest, I’ve NEVER done any commercial cleaning.  So in a long-winded way I’m saying I just need some business!

Yesterday I finally sucked up my courage and walked into an office building and spoke very briefly with the Facility Manager about what I offer. But he blew me off and nothing became of it.

So, Steve, I was wondering if you had a phone script for commercial cleaning sales? And what marketing tools should I have ready to send to those that just say “send me your brochure”? (I think this is just a way to get rid of me.)

Thanks Steve!

Confused in San Diego

Absolutely,  Confused.  May I first humbly mention that your first mistake was in making just ONE sales call?  This is such a common trap. A carpet cleaner will get their courage mustered up, walk in and get totally blown off.  This rejection so totally discourages them that they give up and start  thinking that it is their personality and/or presentation that is the culprit.  Maybe yes, maybe no …

Listen closely here, Confused.  “Rejection” is a fact of life in any sales effort.  Here’s the deal on ‘being rejected’: 1) Expect it, 2) Accept it, 3) Deal with it and yes, even 4) EMBRACE rejection!  To be successful in building a commercial division you MUST use the “Law of Massive (and Sustained) Action”.  In other words, realize that to get one commercial account you must contact around 20 new prospects.  These new accounts are not going to just fall into your lap!

So with this viewpoint every time you get rejected you are one sales call closer to getting the new account!  This is just a PROCESS you must not only travel but also endure to reach your goal.  And a very worthwhile goal it is!  When I sold my company we were doing over 400K per year in regular contract commercial carpet cleaning. (Around 30% of our gross!) These contracts gave us a very nice stable operation with regular cash flow.

Here are some links with specific sales presentations for commercial work along with the systems to set up a sales program and also production tips on how to organize the jobs.

How to Start a Commercial Encapsulation Route

How to Sell Commercial Carpet Cleaning

How to Operate a Maintenance Encapsulation Route

All of these FREE Reports will be a huge help, Confused, IF you implement them.  But I gotta tell you the most important thing is to have the “fire in the belly”.  IF you can get out there and make those 20 new sales calls a week (every single week- remember the key word “SUSTAINED”) I promise you in one year you will have 50 to 75 new commercial accounts.  Sooooo… do ya have the FIRE IN THE BELLY??? 🙂


PS  One more form that will help you enormously is my Commercial Carpet Analysis form.  This let’s you maintain control of the initial sales call by interviewing the prospect.  Download it for free HERE.

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  1. The great thing about commercial customers is they often clean multiple times throughout the year. Some will clean quarterly, others monthly. You will benefit greatly by offering a discount on a maintenance program. About 66% of my revenue comes from commercial carpet cleaning customers who clean at least twice per year.

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