How Mac W. Skiver found “Sawadee” at SFS!

The main thing Strategies for Success has brought me is “Sawadee”.  What’s that…??  I’ll shortly explain. But first, I can mention many other great things that SFS has meant to me.

I attended SFS in 2007 after starting a one man carpet cleaning business. I didn’t even have my first customer yet! I had spent the previous 20 some odd years in automotive retail management. At 58 I was exhausted and I knew I had to do something if I ever wanted a decent retirement.  (Or even being able to retire at all!)

So there I was in the Strategies for Success seminar (the oldest guy in the room except for Billy Yeadon!) with only the experience of attending a carpet tech class at Jon Don a month earlier. Remember, my goal was not to clean carpet … it was to retire!

I sat there and the first thing that got my attention was a dude who was introduced as being a past owner of a successful carpet cleaning company. He sold his company … retired and now lives on a tropical island!  Instant connection!!  How did he do that? Maybe if I learned his secret I could do it too!

I never really learned all Steve Toburen’s “secrets”!  But I did learn the things that you must know if you are going to be successful in this highly competitive business. SFS was not only fun for me to be a part of but was also my “basic success training”. As a result, growing my business over the last four years has been fun and I have met so many fantastic people.

So what does “Sawadee” mean? …… In the Thai language it means “hello” or “goodbye” and must always be pronounced with a smile. I am saying “Sawadee” because I will be retiring to Thailand this year!

That’s right- I was recently married in Thailand! I am also smiling because the young man who is taking over the day-to-day management of my company is attending SFS!  So I will be able to retire with my beautiful wife and live part time in Thailand and also in Florida knowing that my company will continue to grow.

Some say I was just lucky and of course I recognize that I was truly blessed. As Papa Nick always says I found out that “the harder I worked the luckier I got”!  So if your desire is to live your dream it will start for you at Strategies for Success!

Mac W. Skiver
MacDaddy Pro Clean, Inc.

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