Beautiful business! So how do I find a buyer?

A Louisiana cleaner\restorer feels the need for change in his life. Is it time to sell or can he make “adjustments”? Steve offers ideas on both options…

Burning out with janitorial in New Zealand!

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How soon can I “escape” my carpet cleaning business?

An Alabama carpet cleaner is looking down the road 15 years or so and fretting, “How am I going to ‘get out’?” Steve says “Good for you”. Every carpet cleaning business should be managed for its eventual sale. The recipe follows …

How can I “step away” from my business?

This SFS graduate from Florida needs to get away from the day to day grind of his business. Is selling the company the only answer?

Can there be ‘strength in numbers’?

Steve reflects on where far too many hardworking business owners are in this industry AND how to get out of the “all alone” trap. And then if that doesn’t motivate you- what the heck is the “T-Bone Trap”?

2011’s TOP FIVE articles!

What reached out and grabbed our cleaner and restorer readers during 2011? This recap let’s you know what our little “band of brothers” focused on last year. You STILL can act on any of these ideas. Just don’t let 2012 leave you in its dust.