Are your managers trapped in the middle? – Part 2

Each employee in any organization can have only one boss . In start-up companies or very small businesses that line of authority is pretty clear – but as the business grows (and managers or supervisors are added) those lines can quickly become blurred.

How to avoid “Swarm Management” – Part III

Need help getting organized (or staying so)? Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you fear Swarm Management has become part of your company.

The causes of “Swarm Management”- Part II

As a company grows, it’s easy to lose control. If you aren’t careful the company morphs into a creature that nobody recognizes and is neither efficient nor a fun place to work at!

“I was completely amazed at the endless resources…”

A struggling Pennsylvania cleaner’s business was turned around by applying SFS concepts. What can the SFS: “Five Star Solutions” seminar do for you?

“Batting lessons” for business owners- Part 2

Everybody wants to work for a winner. They want to follow someone who steps up and tries new things, even if it means striking out occasionally. You may not hit a home run but you just might get an extra base hit!

Focusing on the “right” cleaning business goals (Part 2)

Growth for the sake of bragging rights is meaningless, dangerous and might just possibly be fatal to your company. Chuck focuses on how to find the right numbers and how to make them even better.