“Batting lessons” for business owners- Part 2

Everybody wants to work for a winner. They want to follow someone who steps up and tries new things, even if it means striking out occasionally. You may not hit a home run but you just might get an extra base hit!

Oh no! It is New Year’s Resolutions time!

Do these New Year’s Resolutions sound familiar- healthier food, more exercise, drink less, sending your SFS QuickTips to that slave driver Toburen? Well the Heath brothers, authors of “Switch” share 5 short tips that will make 2011 different for YOU!

Don’t expect success if you are a “Master of the Excuse”!

As children we are really inventive when it comes to making excuses. Then as we mature we improve even more on justifying our behavior. Chuck Violand brings this dangerous crutch home to business owners. Who do we blame? Chuck says one little book can turn these negative “excuse making” actions around …

No Waiting, Read This Post Now!

I was going to write this blog post in 2009 but then I put it off! So I rationalized that all you carpet cleaning and restoration professionals out there could wait for the new year. I can’t believe 2010 is already here. Be sure to read this blog post right away. Set a deadline! (Unlike me!)