Tap into the ‘real estate agent referral’ market!

real estate sign in yard

Real estate sales are booming. And homeowners turn to their real estate agents to recommendations on showcasing their home. Steve shares how to get agent’s attention ( and referrals) for free!

TOP TEN “How to Make More Money” #6: Develop niche services

Quit competing against the far-too-COMMON “Clean Any Size Living Room, Dining Room and Hall for …” bozos. Instead, offer UNCOMMON “special niche services”!

What products should I use for anti-allergy cleanings?

Anti-Allergy cleanings can be a highly profitable diversification and a great niche to differentiate yourself from all the “rug-suckers” out there. OR it can turn into a finger-pointing blame game! Bill and Steve share a great line-up of treatments to use plus a little practical wisdom on pre-qualifying the job.

How “Duct Tape Marketing” can help a small carpet cleaner …

Most readers of this web site are great carpet cleaners and even better people! (After all, every single site contributor on here comes from the cleaning industry!) But as a group, carpet cleaners’ marketing skills stink! Big Billy Yeadon offers some “Duct Tape” to patch up your marketing techniques …