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Desperate carpet cleaner or smart niche marketer?

Frequently residential carpet cleaning is both an emotional and impulsive decision. These emotions can be an asset or a liability to you as a carpet cleaner.  The choice is yours… Here is an idea for making the customer’s “sense of urgency” into a big “marketing differentiation“!

One of our best marketing ploys has been to promote the phrase “Need it done today?  Call us now.”  We include this tag line in our Yellow Page ads, our web site and all of our mass market advertising. This “have it done today” philosophy targets impulse buyers and price becomes much less of a factor in the buying decision.  (Plus some of our best Cheerleaders come from our “same day” clients.)

NOTE:  Obviously, if you are going to advertise this option you need to have the production capacity to work people in.  We always keep an extra truck unbooked at the office with a “utility tech” doing plant work, repairs, etc.  When “same day calls” come in our technician is off and running!

An interesting approach.  On the one hand, some may say you are sending the wrong message as in “We’re desperate for work.”  But I disagree.  I think that by advertising this “Need it done today?” feature/benefit you are showing you are a large enough company to be flexible with people’s needs.  (And of course when people are under pressure the good old “I’m just checking around on carpet cleaning prices” objection goes out the window!) Another way to say the same thing would be “Same Day Service Available.”  I would also place this saying on the side of your service vehicles.  After all, you don’t get much more impulsive than the sight of a carpet cleaning van working away on the neighbor’s carpets!


P.S. This quickTIPS well illustrates that the quality of your work is NOT the most important factor when keeping your cleaning operation above water. Unless you market your services efficiently the best equipment and technical skills won’t save you. The Next 30 Days is a guaranteed marketing program to attract more customers and boost your bottom-line.

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