Refocus on ‘profits’ instead of gross income!

For ever-so-many-years I’ve told Strategies for Success (SFS) students that, “All things being equal it is better to have MORE money than NO money!” Are we all in agreement? If so…

GREAT! Because that’s what your QuickTIPS focus on! Helping cleaning and restoration contractors make the most PROFIT in the easiest, fastest (and legal) way possible! Therefore, here’s some ruminations from my 40+ years in our industry…

A ‘Make More Profit’ roadmap!💲

1. Raise your prices! Remember our goal above? “…make the most profit in the easiest, fastest (and legal) way possible!” SIMPLE! Raise your prices every January and you can stop reading! Mission accomplished! The vast majority of our industry desperately need to raise their prices… and don’t even know it!

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2. Reduce your service area. Drive time is dead time! (It’s even worse with your techs stuck in a traffic jam… on the clock!) CLICK HERE for five reasons to serve a smaller area.

3. Do more work at each job. How many jobs do your techs average daily? Four, five… SIX? And with drive time in between? WOW! You’re a slave driver! What if you could double or triple your @ job gross and average two or three jobs  (or even ONE job) per day? Your profit will sky rocket with these Additional Service Options! (And your stress levels will plummet!) CLICK HERE  for how to get started!

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4. The ‘riches are in the niches’.💲💲💲 Try to match the low pricing (or huge marketing budgets) of the big franchise players and you’ll get eaten alive! Instead, develop Referral Partnerships or diversified services that the ‘Big Boy’s’ business models simply can’t serve. NOTE: Our nimble size let us service this very profitable ‘Same Day’ niche easily!

5. Obsess on your ‘Lead Conversion’ strategy. None of the above ‘profit tips’ will work UNLESS you consistently ‘convert’ phone calls (or texts, emails, Whatsapps, etc.) into booked jobs! The lost profits when you ‘Fail To Convert’ can be HUGE! Agreed?

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Of course, once the booked jobs roll in you now need to process them 1) ‘warmly’, 2) efficiently and 3) PROFITABLY.👌

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