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Give your clients multiple chances to buy “Additional Service Options”!

multiple-paths-same-goalRe-applying carpet protector should be a HUGE profit center for you. Agreed? And yet many cleaning and restoration contractors tell me their protector sales are pretty dismal! Why? Three reasons…

A) Many times your customers don’t even KNOW that you offer Additional Service Options! (ASO’s) Remember, your customers can’t buy if they don’t know! So you must  “increase your client’s ASO awareness”. But you face another challenge…

B) Right now you are are loading all the “protector sales responsibility” on your  young, usually-running-behind technicians! (Remember these often-intimidated kids hate “selling” to customers twice their age and ten times their income level!) And even worse…

C) When you spring these ASO’s at the last minute the client is ‘surprised’! No one likes having to spend more than they expected. (You might even get a review putting your company into the dreaded “bait and switch” category!) So I tell every SFS class to…

“Pre-orient” your client on their Additional Service Options.

Giving customers their ASO’s early in the booking/sales process lets them investigate their options. It also lets them budget for the extra cost AND allows you to book additional processing time. And most importantly “pre-orienting” customers takes the “selling responsibility” of your (usually timid) technicians. So how can you do it?

  1. After booking the job with your client on the initial phone call“We can re-apply your carpet’s protective finish after the cleaning…” (pause)
  2. Include in your “How to get ready for your carpet cleaning” emailed check list- “Here are other Additional Service Options you may want done while we are on the job to save time and money…” Then include an ASO list with…
  3. Links to a separate landing page on your web site for each ASO. Make it easy for your prospect to research their ASO options!
  4. During your pre-inspection– Offer the protector as an ASO or even better just give your client one price with the protector included! (Check out the first point in this post. Remember, you can always come down easier than go up!) And then if all else fails…
  5. Let your tech offer the protector (or other ASO’s) again! “Mrs. Jones, now that you’ve seen how well your carpets restored would you like me to re-apply the protective Scotchgard finish?” (The key here is your techs act like they’re unaware their customer has been offered the ASO earlier.)

Restoration HINT: Are you “re-applying” the carpet protector on your final cleaning after restoring a water damage? You should be! HERE is how to do it. (Exactimate Line Item: CLN-FCCPC)

“But wait a minute, Steve! What if my customer starts to give me a firm ‘NO’ on their ASO’s on the initial phone call? What then?” Hmmmm… THEN I would move to ‘Steve’s Fade-Away Strategy’ HERE!


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