A few reminders on ‘staying small’…

Probably like you I’ve been there. I started my business from nothing– no funding, no experience and NO ‘grand vision’! And yet (against all odds) my company grew way-too-quickly, I desperately added employees and… my life quickly became a living hell!

So I ‘retreated’and while licking my wounds downsized to being a solo owner-operator again! Sound familiar? This ‘start small/get big/get small again’ Business Model is very common in our industry. If you’re there now I want you to…

Count the costs of ‘staying small’ long term.

True, you CAN be successful as a solo ‘Lone Wolf’ owner-operator. However, even the best one-person cleaning or restoration business faces inevitable disadvantages:

Limited earning potential. You personally can only do so much work per day! (Raising your prices will help!)

No ’emergency backup’. Yep, at the end of the day it is just… you! Illness and accidents can destroy a Lone Wolf operation! (Strategic Partnerships can help.)

Little or no ‘time off’. Yep- even on vacation that cell phone follows you! After all, cleaning and/or restoration is an ’emotionally driven’, urgent event. If you’re not available your clients will go… elsewhere!

You’re tired! This is a tough business physically! (And emotionally!) Burning out as an owner-operator is a very real danger. (Lining up part-time, on-call help can be a life saver.)

Little or no ‘cashing out’ potential. Even a highly profitable cleaning or restoration one-person operation will have little or no potential in a business sale. (Consistently ‘sweeping’ a percentage of your income into a Personal Investment Plan will be a life-saver!)

Still nervous from your previous ‘getting big’ effort(s)? I don’t blame you! However, please remember…

You didn’t have the free resources founds on our SFS website. (Or my free weekly QuickTIP email.) And you didn’t enjoy the support of over 5,000 cleaning and restoration contractors in our Strategies for Success: Growing Your Business Facebook Group. (You don’t need to be a SFS grad to join us!)

Plus don’t forget the incredible advantage of the plug-and-play ‘Business Infrastructure’  our five different SFS Training Options give you in building your Critical Mass Business! Imagine achieving the Personal Freedom of a company that runs smoothly with you… OR without you! Let’s ‘git ‘er done’!


2 thoughts on “A few reminders on ‘staying small’…”

  1. Totally up to the individual! However, I see so many in the industry that wish they had started to build a Critical Mass Business much earlier in their career. Then when they wake up they are really ‘behind the 8 ball’! So I just am reminding folks to ‘count the cost’ of staying small and of course to always ‘find your sweet spot’ in life! 🙂

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