“Strategic Partnerships” cover your back!

This can be a lonely business with crushing pressure. Sales, marketing, hiring, production and finances all fall on … YOU!

So the temptation is to find a partner– someone to share the load. Please, think twice before entering a traditional partnership. The disadvantages are huge. In fact, CLICK HERE for a “Steve’s Rant” on a normal partnership.

But don’t dismiss completely the partnership concept. Instead…

Build “Strategic Partnerships” that will let you do more work when needed and/or cover your back in an emergency.

A Strategic Partnership (S/P) is an informal relationship with no legal commitment. It is a “mutually symbiotic” arrangement based on both sides watching out for each other. Here are some examples:

Residential: This can be a feast or famine business. So look for other quality carpet cleaners that will take your overflow work in an emergency while paying you a percentage. (Usually 10 to 20%) You do the same for them and both sides promise to not take the other’s clients long term. (S/P’s work really well for owner-operators who are sick or injured.)

Restoration: Form S/P’s with residential cleaners that aren’t equipped for large scale water losses. On jobs they refer to you they extract as your subcontractor plus you pay them a percentage of the total loss. You should also develop trusting S/P’s with subcontractors that give you “priority service”. (Be sure to orient ALL your S/P’s on the Emotional Dynamics of the loss.)

Commercial: Are you set up for large scale cleaning and/or encapsulation? Then your sales people should approach janitorial contractors about sub-contracting their regular, routine carpet cleaning. They provide the account and do the billing. You provide the labor, equipment and chemicals and give them 20 to 30% off the top. Everyone is happy!

General marketing: All three sectors above can benefit from “Hub Marketing”. Bill Yeadon explains how to set these S/P’s up in this free download: Hub Marketing Referrals

And of course your very best “Strategic Partner” is Jon-Don and the SFS program!


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