“Strategic Partnerships” cover your back!

This can be a lonely business with crushing pressure. Sales, marketing, hiring, production and finances all fall on … YOU!

So the temptation is to find a partner– someone to share the load. Please, think twice before entering a traditional partnership. The disadvantages are huge. In fact, CLICK HERE for a “Steve’s Rant” on a normal partnership.

But don’t dismiss completely the partnership concept. Instead…

Build “Strategic Partnerships” that will let you do more work when needed and/or cover your back in an emergency.

A Strategic Partnership (S/P) is an informal relationship with no legal commitment. It is a “mutually symbiotic” arrangement based on both sides watching out for each other. Here are some examples:

Residential: This can be a feast or famine business. So look for other quality carpet cleaners that will take your overflow work in an emergency while paying you a percentage. (Usually 10 to 20%) You do the same for them and both sides promise to not take the other’s clients long term. (S/P’s work really well for owner-operators who are sick or injured.)

Restoration: Form S/P’s with residential cleaners that aren’t equipped for large scale water losses. On jobs they refer to you they extract as your subcontractor plus you pay them a percentage of the total loss. You should also develop trusting S/P’s with subcontractors that give you “priority service”. (Be sure to orient ALL your S/P’s on the Emotional Dynamics of the loss.)

Commercial: Are you set up for large scale cleaning and/or encapsulation? Then your sales people should approach janitorial contractors about sub-contracting their regular, routine carpet cleaning. They provide the account and do the billing. You provide the labor, equipment and chemicals and give them 20 to 30% off the top. Everyone is happy!

General marketing: All three sectors above can benefit from “Hub Marketing”. Bill Yeadon explains how to set these S/P’s up in this free download: Hub Marketing Referrals

And of course your very best “Strategic Partner” is Jon-Don and the SFS program!


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2 thoughts on ““Strategic Partnerships” cover your back!”

  1. I’m in a place where from January to March is snowing. That’s my vacation time we going to Florida, time to maintaining the machine end tools, etc.
    It isn’t so dramatic like you’re trying to put on many people’s heads.
    Just my opinion.

  2. Understood, Carlo! When I was a solo owner-operator Sioux and I did the same thing! Like good little squirrels we stashed our extra funds all summer to enjoy two or three months off every winter. (However, many cleaners don’t have the self discipline you have!)

    And one big potential problem for many solo ‘Lone Wolves’? What happens if they get hurt or sick? So I’ll still stick by my recommendation to develop Strategic partnerships for back-up. Bad things really do happen to good people!

    Thanks for sharing, Carlo, and stay safe and well!

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