Consider part time instead of full time workers

Ready to hire your first employee? Or maybe due to expansion you are eying the possibility of hiring more. Steve highlights the benefits of using part-time help.

Use “Creative Scheduling” for commercial accounts

Steve’s stack of regular commercial “Service Agreements” let him sleep much better. But he did want to SLEEP at night. Learn how Steve avoided doing late night commercial work with his “Creative Commercial Scheduling” technique!

What to do with the tables and chairs in restaurant carpet cleaning?

Restaurant tables and chairs- the bane of every carpet cleaner! Steve dishes out the secrets to how his company very profitably cleaned over 50 restaurants every month PLUS one BIG commercial cleaning NO-NO to avoid!

How to avoid getting hung out to dry on commercial carpet cleaning without a key …

Have you been stuck waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for your contact to show up and lock up after you finish a commercial carpet cleaning account? Nothing is more irritating and frustrating. If it has happened to you then you will “feel his pain” as a Salt Lake city carpet cleaner shares the typical “key boondoggle” …

How to gain “Open Access” on commercial accounts

Open access means less hassle for the customer and way more flexibility for you. Here’s how to get the key on commercial accounts.

Love, hate and commercial cleaning

Attention all Connections attendees. Don’t miss Steve Toburen’s “Building Commercial Toll Booths” seminar next Wednesday morning in Las Vegas. Even better, it is FREE and Steve guarantees no sales pitch!

The world of steady, profitable commercial work is really tempting me!

Regular cash flow, your very own production schedule, a steadily appreciating asset and best of all … less interaction with an at times difficult and demanding residential customer. So what’s not to like? Will this carpet cleaner’s dreams of profit in commercial maintenance work be fulfilled? Steve Toburen gives his prognosis …