Love, hate and commercial cleaning

connectionsI LOVED the consistent cash flow of regular contract commercial work.  But I hated and despised working hard all day and the coming home to shower/ eat dinner/ spend quality family time while hanging over my head was … going back out into the cold, cruel night to push a wand around a greasy Chinese restaurant!  (Makes me tremble even typing those words!)

But instead of this nightmare scenario (which far too many cleaners subject themselves to on a nightly basis!) imagine regular commercial work (mostly encapsulation) that flows like a dream.  You hire quality part-time employees with their own vehicles for 8-12 hours per week each and the money rolls in!

NOTE:  This “everything off site” business system can be run perfectly out of your home.  So it is a great way for an owner-operator to augment their profits without having to “get big”.

An impossible dream? No. I did it and many of our SFS graduates are too. And if you are going to be in Las Vegas at Connections on next Wednesday morning, September 5th at 10:30 I’ll spill my guts out on the topic, “Building Commercial Toll Booths”.

NOTE: Even better, this 1 1/2 hour seminar is free to all Trade Show Attendees! (Which is also FREE!)

You will receive a 24 page handout with the systems and procedures to price, sell, hire  employees and set up regular commercial encapsulation routes.  Plus I’ll send you links to many more free commercial resources.  And I promise to not sell you anything- except just maybe a better financial future!

So just look for the placard advertising “ICS and R & R present Connections to the Cleaning and Restoration Industry”.  (Or ask when you register for your free Trade Show badge.)  The ICS panel starts at 9:00 with Dave Dybdahl speaking on Risk Management Strategies and then John Braun on Internet Advertising.

Then around 10:30 I’ll clamber up on the stage and I promise you’ll leave our time together with EVERYTHING you need for “Building Commercial Toll Booths”.  Well, except for one essential thing- ya gotta have the fire in the belly!  You’ll need to light that spark yourself!


PS  Can’t make it to Vegas?  Then read Jeff Cutshall’s Special Reports on Encapsulation Maintenance Routes.  Download the information for free by CLICKING HERE.

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