How can I compete against the ‘Big Boys’?

You don’t need (or even want to be) a national company. As you well know lots of people don’t like the “big boys” and prefer the local “little guy”. So don’t let yourself be intimidated!

Love, hate and commercial cleaning

Attention all Connections attendees. Don’t miss Steve Toburen’s “Building Commercial Toll Booths” seminar next Wednesday morning in Las Vegas. Even better, it is FREE and Steve guarantees no sales pitch!

How to “convert” a big cleanup into a regular contract account

A Carolina cleaner is all excited about a big job. Steve returns him to reality with a reminder on regular cash flow and how to get it.

“What can I do to pay the bills till my carpet cleaning business kicks in?”

In a perfect world your first clients would all be clamoring for clean carpets BEFORE you even open your doors for business. Surprise! It doesn’t work that way, as one slightly disillusioned Kansas City carpet cleaner is finding out …