Consider part time instead of full time workers

Ready to hire your first employee? Or maybe due to expansion you are eying the possibility of hiring more. Steve highlights the benefits of using part-time help.

Escaping Groundhog Day Management – Part IV (Focus)

Owners that constantly change direction and don’t follow through on any of the plans get the company in trouble.

Should I buy a restoration franchise?

Is disaster restoration a good fit for this Tennessee constructor? Steve’s “Who-What-Where-Why-When-How” response lays the groundwork for any business decision you might be pondering.

3 hints on how to safely “captain” a larger cleaning/restoration business …

It has been well said, “The fish rots from the head down”. And so it is both with the captain of a ship and YOU heading up your cleaning business. As the owner or manager you should look deep within you BEFORE you transition into a larger business model. If you don’t, just like a ship captain that is “over his head” you may be putting innocent lives at risk! Listen to Chuck …

Which type of carpet cleaning business “boat” will you choose to sail on?

Chuck Violand has been kicking off the Strategies for Success seminar for the last couple of years reflecting on his love of boats … and how different business models are like varied boats- all of which require different skills and tactics to avoid a tragic shipwreck. So which type of boat are you skippering? Check back in frequently to see Chuck’s latest thoughts …