Strategies for Success Seminar- April, 2014 (Jon-Don Dallas, TX)

SFS is hard to put in words. It felt like I was drinking from a “fire hose of helpful information!” … “Overwhelming” in the best possible way.

Are your managers trapped in the middle? – Part 2

Each employee in any organization can have only one boss . In start-up companies or very small businesses that line of authority is pretty clear – but as the business grows (and managers or supervisors are added) those lines can quickly become blurred.

Are your managers trapped in the middle? – Part 1

In this two part series we’ll review how some entrepreneurs trip up their organizations by mishandling management relationships within their companies. Then we’ll discuss how to avoid these stumbling blocks.

Don’t disrespect “followership”- Part 2

“Followership” plays an important role in being an effective leader. Chuck Violand shares three more suggestions to help you develop your followership skills.

Don’t disrespect “followership”- Part 1

While leadership is all the rage, Chuck Violand thinks it’s time to build a case for followership. After all, following is a critical component of being an effective leader.

Should I buy a restoration franchise?

Is disaster restoration a good fit for this Tennessee constructor? Steve’s “Who-What-Where-Why-When-How” response lays the groundwork for any business decision you might be pondering.

SFS Seminar- February, 2012 (Atlanta, GA)

“Following these instructions I will be making more money immediately, in the long-term and for life! Absolutely brilliant. I really appreciate everyone’s hard work. The food was amazing. Thank you to everyone at Jon-Don for giving me an incredible week and changing me for both work and for life.”