Restoration: Breaking through the PSP barrier?

So how can a water damage restoration company “break through the clutter” of an adjuster’s day? How can you get him or her to focus on the superior value and savings you provide?

Don’t disrespect “followership”- Part 2

“Followership” plays an important role in being an effective leader. Chuck Violand shares three more suggestions to help you develop your followership skills.

How professional carpet cleaners can get local small business consulting … FREE!

Even the Bible says that “in the multitude of counselors there is salvation”. And yet, being the stubborn, mule-headed entrepreneurs that we are, we continue to insist on going it alone. One SFS member shares a great idea on outside advice. Even better, this help is FREE!

Hiring a business consultant for her carpet cleaning business Meg’s Story (Part 3)

Meg and John Burdick have already built an exceptional business. Now they are looking to the future and recognize they need more outside help. So they are taking a scary step of bringing in a local consultant. Read on and ask if you too need more outside help and/or accountability in your life …